Saturday, April 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Andy and Kate Mulgrew !!!

Well Happy Hooking I am 46! lol. I share my birthdate with Kate Mulgrew or best known as Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager . Born 04/29. Happy Birthday Kate and Andy. The picture above is from Tea at Five, which I was honored to see. What a treat to see Kate Mukgrew perfomr in San Francisco.

This is a picture that you have not seen yet. Well not this picture, but the one below lol.

It is the Southwest Ripples Afghan for a friend . Today is my birthday and I have had a great day. I got up and went to the gym so that I am able to eat the Tiramisu Cake that I had later. I got 2 SIMS2 expansion packs for a gift. Thank you Michael.

I have been rather busy with my onlne groups and my personal stuff. Life neatly assembles itself in a very peculiar way. We need to be the sculptors of our life and make it work for us.

With this I close the month of April . At the we are making lots of stuff. This next month we will have our firts Mystery Pattern. If you like come and join the group, you will need an MSN passport account for that. Anyway I will be getting back to normal soon and posting more on my blog as I get more organized. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Ydan to Defiant. One to beam up!!!

Personal Log:
Stardate 04282006

Computer strate recording.

Today I went to the Musilla Provincebecause I wanted to think about what to say here, I took a short vacation there. One thing I have noticed the title has evolved with the writing. Isn't it always that way? I went to a part of the province that was very populated, I wanted to be among lots of people and feel their energies. As I am walking to the my local favorite eatery for their famous Hasperat, I noticed a young lady that was crying, because she was lost. She was asking everyone for help finding her personal transport. She looked crazy, she wanted people to help her find it, and noone was stopping. She looked a little disturbed, but I decided to help her. I approached her and asked: "Are you hungry?", She looked at me in sobbing and said: " No I am not hungry, I have lost my transport, I told pilot to wait for me, I left my stuff there and now I don't remember where he is. I look at her blue eyes deeply and serenely said to her, "Don't worry I will help you find your Pilot and your transport, it is going to be fine." Well we eventually found it, there where only four places where people could have transports waiting for them. We visited one and after questioning her about what she did first after she got out of her transport, I decided she was on the western site, by the Twin Peaks tower. She was happy and aaskd me if I wanted anything. I hugged her and told her, just be happy and have a great trip home. That was very nice t see someone without hope finding some. Me on the other hand have to make my own.

I find myself pondering and reflecting on a lot of stuff. Here is my personal amulet of sorts, the IDIC, Infinite Diversity Infinite Combinations. I am dissapointed, frustrated and unhappy, but that is the first step toward happiness. There are many things going on, now that my birthdate is tomorrow. Maybe because of my knowledge that my mother is getting older and or the fact that I am a year older myself. My love from my mother is because of my genetic connection to her, she is the person I have known longest. I find myself thinking about love and the posibilities of love in life. Is love really real, why does it seem to escape from me when I thought I found it. Is life mocking me. Sometimes I think it is. I have been in a relationship and it feels like I am not better now than at the begining, is it ending or is it renewing itself. We shall see.

After I come back from my hometown ther will be a celebration in my heart, I will bear the sign of a true warrior by embracing the love of the Prophets.One thing is for sure, after this weekend my life is going to change forever. My life as it was is no more ,until then, may the Prophets guide you and may you listen to their unspoken words.

Computer end personal log, encryption Echo Alpha Charlie 46 Ydan 29 end log.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mundillo or Bobbin Lace

In English it is known as bobbin lace. In Puerto Rico this delicate handwork, used to embellish collars and handkerchiefs, bridal veils and baby bonnets, is encaje de bolillos but more commonly known as mundillo—"little world," for the cylinder on which the lace maker weaves her intricate designs.

On September 19, 2003, Rosa Elena Egipciaco of New York City was honored for her mundillo. She is one of sixteen artists to receive National Heritage Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. The fellowships are the country’s highest honor in the folk and traditional arts. The awardees, chosen their artistic excellence, authenticity, and contributions to their field, each receive a one-time award of $20,000.

"We are proud to honor these master artists whose compelling work demonstrates the extraordinary diversity and depth of our nation’s cultural wealth," said Dana Gioia, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts. "These talented individuals are not only renowned practitioners of their art forms but also teachers and preservers of artistic heritages, passing on their skills and passions to future generations."

Rosa Elena Egipciaco demonstrates mundillo at the Centro Civico festival in Amsterdam, New York. Photo: Elena Martínez

The importance of teaching traditional arts is apparent in the case of Rose Elena Egipciaco, who started learning mundillo at the age of four from her mother, Doña Salud, in Puerto Rico, and has taught and promoted the art in New York since 1986. In Puerto Rico, the towns of Moca, Isabela, and Aguadilla, all in the northwestern part of the island, are famous for mundillo. Moca, Egipciaco’s hometown, is considered la cuna (the cradle) of mundillo. When Egipciaco was a little girl playing house with her friends on the patio, she would design patterns on leaves, using thorns from a bush as needles. As she grew older, she would gather with friends on the balcony of one of their homes to talk, watch the boys pass by, and make mundillo.

When she was president of the Cultural Center in Moca (which she cofounded), Egipciaco traveled throughout the island, giving lectures on mundillo at festivals, universities, and colleges. She is a certified artisan through the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, the principal arts and cultural agency on the island, and has displayed her work at their festivals. In 1986 she moved to New York City and has taught lacemaking , as well as exhibited and displayed her work at New York University, Columbia University, the American Museum of Natural History, Casita Maria, El Museo del Barrio, Marymount College, Brentwood International Ladies Garment Union, the Office of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña. She is currently a professor at Boricua College in Brooklyn, and an apprenticeship grant funded by the New York State Council on the Arts Apprenticeship Program enables her to continue teaching privately in Manhattan.

Origins of the Art

There are two types of lace: point, which is made using a needle, and bobbin, or pillow lace. Bobbin lace was first made in the Middle Ages in Flanders (the northern region of Belgium), where it was known as kant ("border" or "edge"), since the original function of lace was to protect the edges of fine materials from fraying, as well as to create a decorative border. The art of making bobbin lace may have reached Spain through Flanders or Italy. Some researchers believe that point lace was introduced to Spain from Italy and from there was brought to Flanders, which in the sixteenth century was one of Spain’s dominions. Bobbin lace, like the art of making it, was then exported to Spain and later to Puerto Rico.

Since making lace by hand is time consuming, it was very expensive and regarded as a luxury item. The Church was the principal consumer for lace for the veils and cloths used during services, as well as for the robes that adorned the statues of saints. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, clothes with lace decoration came into fashion for both men and women of the European nobility. In Spain bobbin lace was made by master lace makers for major commercial markets; lace making was also a cottage industry in places like Mugía in Galicia, Almagro in Castilla, and Arenys de Mar in Catalonia.

In addition to its use as edging and borders on clothing and handkerchiefs and collars for shirts, mundillo is also used to decorate items for special occasions, such as wedding dresses, baptismal gowns, and the cloths used to adorn religious icons. Once it was common for lovers to exchange mundillo lace with romantic inscriptions.

Festival del Mundillo - Moca

787-818-0105, 787-877-0540, 787-877-3560FX

11/24/2006 - 11/26/2006

Plaza de Recreo de Moca

I wanted to share this article with you, Thanks for stopping by.

Cycles within Cycles

Computer start recording
Personal Log entry: Stardate the month of 04222006.

I guess if people ever read my log entries they will wonder if I ever work. Yet I do work to the best of my abilities. I am born from within every single day, yet there are days that I am not born at all, but transformed into some kind of never ending cycle.

Tomorrow I travel to Bajor in a sabatical. It's about time I just don't like to waste my time in sabaticals, so I am taking advantage of the ocasion to join a group of friends for some drumming. Well now you say Ydan has lost it. I guess since my friend, Toc Of the house of Perhor, died things have not been the same. The world that I call reality is not that enjoyable, here I am left behind in this world of emptiness. I still miss him.

The other day there is this cardassian on the Promenade that talks and talks, but he has no essence to his talk. I never care for empty chats and that's 90 % of his babblings. When people start making empty talk I really wonder at the workings of the universe and at the wonders it has to offer.

Computer end personal log entry encryption Alpha Zulu Romeo Ydan 11.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I ache for Home

Perosnal Log Entry
Satrdate 04202006:

It is the month of Lirba and the sky shows the beauty of this month. This month is when the moons on Bajor 8 are opposite to each other for a total of 11.9 hours.

I am looking forward to my new home on the central Isalnd of Bajor 8. So many things for my move to the new colony. I am hoping that my friends will come and visit. There is a matter that I don't know what to do. I need to perform the ritual of separation. This guy is not bajoran, but I am hoping that we can come to a mutual agreement to disagree. This ritual is a great way of remaining friends with someone whose affections have evolved and are no longer marriage material.

No matters what happens it's all in the path the prophets have laid for us.

Computer end personal loge entry ; encryption Ydan Delta Gamma 29

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

63 Easy Crochet Squares Apr 06

This is the crochet-along in which I am involved at my group on MSN. I am glad that I decided to number the squares this way.

If you truly want to know, it really does not matter, unless you want to follow the book by the numbers.

I want to thank everyone who has followed my work and who likes the merging of the two blogs. As a matter of fact, I helped a friend to familiarize herself with blogs, and what do you know she was able to create her own blog at : http//

My friend Kims enjoys reading all these books she sells on ebay. If you are curious about her blog and her reviews, give her a visit. She will give you her frank opinion. You can actually get god books from her.

This 63 Easy Crochet Patterns should be finished by September I believe, maybe each week as I go along I will post some of my squares. I have plenty of works in progress to keep me busy for the rest of the year. I believe I will be abe to make some more charity afghans in Scott's name in May or June, I will keep you posted.

If you want to join the crochet along, go to join the MSN group we are a friendly bunch. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Can we actually fold space and time?

Computer start recording:

Personal log entry stardate 04182006.

I feel lost in a world of confused priorities. Where is the sense of life without happiness. Sometimes I wonder what will happen to me next year. Am I the helpless victim that the universe seems to show me I am, or am I a builder of what is to come. Do I make my own destiny? Is the environment part of me?

When you think about it, life is linear, because we have the sense of time. Bajor rotates around it's axis 26 hours. So if we take the time factor away will there be time still? Pondering what the hell is going on in my life in this time of ending cycles and starting cycles.

Some days I have no time for riddles from the prophets, some days I think the prophets are laughing at us, some days I wish I was with the prophets and I knew what the universe was all about.

My soul is in pain, I can tell you that much. I feel like part of my heart was ripped away from me. I have no consolation it seems to the pain of my heart. Once more I question is it the pain of my heart or the thought of the pain in my head. I love life, but I have had not many opportunities to have a lasting happiness. Sad when you think about it. I guess I can blame it all to my childhood traumas and tribulations. I wish I found refuge for my pain, I wish I found refuge for my vulnerabilities. Why can't I find someone to be vulnerable with, why does my heart feels this deep pain? I will not rest until I find the person who I can be vulnerable with and happy at the same time. In the next few cycles things should clear up, that's what the Orb of Prophecy and Change revealed to me in the past week.

I will get the answers some day, maybe the answer is around the river bend, maybe the answers are staring me in the face. I see nothing for now, I will wait. I feel pain in my heart and no matter how much I cry or feel my pain, I am still in pain. Well, I will pray that the prophets guide me in their wisdom throughout this opportunity to grow.

I have to stop now, duty calls.

Computer end personal log entry encryption Alpha Zulu Delta Ydan 11.

The Sunken city of Bahk Nar

Science Officer's Log:
Stardate 04182006

Computer start recording:

Today is the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Sunken City. For a hundred years the city was rummored to have been discovered. I don't understand that, but there you have one mystery solved and less bureaucracy.

We traveled for what seemed to be two weeks on the Defiant. Destination you asked? Bajor 8, where the civilization of Bajor is rumored to have had a start. In this picture you can see the ruins of the city. The steps of one of the temples in what seems to be a sunken city.

You may be asking yourself how did we discovered this sunken city? Not very complicated. A huge earthquake made the ocean floor rise. The rise was enough to get the attention of some archeologists that were making a survey exploration of the area. Here my friends you have the rising ruins of the sunken city of Bahk Nar. It is no longer a legend it is Real! We still have to do some more studying and see if we can excavate around the ruins. I am actually looking forward to going back to the station and have some peace and quiet.

Computer end Science officer's log encryption Gamma Gamma Delta 4, Ydan 9 end.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Crochet a Bajoran Meditation Afghan Step One

This is the first section of the meditation afghan finished. The texture is esquisite. I will keep you posted on all the projects I have. I am also merging two blogs as you can tell. I am an avid Star Trek fan, I also like Stargate 1 , Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica.

I want to thank you for stopping by. I express myself in many ways and the Lt. Ydan blog entries are part of my life , but encrypted or is it?. Sometimes I write about me, sometimes about a friend's story, sometimes is make belief or is it? Still all accounts reflect the truthness of life or infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

May the Gods of Kobol have mercy on our souls. So say we all!!!

Do Bajorans Have Pon Farr?

Personal log entry:
Stardate 04162006

There comes a time in each persons life were you have to think what is best for you. Never mind that you should always take that into consideration, sometimes our spiritual calling directs us to make some sacrifices. It is so peculiar that we think of sacrifices when there is actually none to make, but decissions to change your life into something more attainable for you , is sometimes difficult beacause we are afraid of being punished for trying to have a good life.

My relationships have changed, mainly because I have changed. It never ceases to amaze me the fact that when you feel the freest in time, relationships come left and right. I figured that much and I asked the prophets to guide my path. Pon Farr would our civilization have survived if we were like Vulcans and a a seven year cycle of Mating. Or maybe we could be like the rebellious vulcans who embraced emotions and just have sex.

It comes a time when you really have to feel fulfilled by yourself without the need of career or accomplishments or possesions. Then and only then you will feel what is to be sucessfull. I have been dying to move back to Bajor and experience life from a different perspective. Is it time to go home? I think it is.

I will go into meditation and ask the prophets to guide my path. I want to change they way my life is going and I want to be close to the bones of my ancestors, even if I want to get cremated when I am dead. I am in distressed, but I will not lose my focus, I think the time to go back to Bajor is at hand. I consulted the orb of prophecy a while ago and it said to wait until the hasperah festival. May the Prophets guide my path until then.

Computer end personal log entry encryption Alpha Delta Charlie Romeo Ydan 29

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Life an Encrypted Wall

Personal log entry:

I guess as time goes by you look at your life and it looks like an encrypted message. The prophets know that we are always striving to do our call and follow our Pah's path. Sometimes I wish Kai Opaka was still here, she had such insight into the workings of our spirituality and our physical nature that few have accomplished in their lifetimes. My quest is to find that balance between spirit and matter, and to effectively find happiness.

I guess when times are not right , we tend to see greener pastures somewhere else. You could say that the path less travelled does not have a great appeal. Inside of us there is infinite wisdom, which correlates the outside and the inside flawlessly. At times as in now I am wondering what is actually happening in my inner being. I guess that's why I am travelling to Bajor 8 which is another M-Class planet in the B'hava'el system or Bajoran System. Bajor, unlike the Terran system or Sol System, has more than one M-Class planet.

I will be able to talk to one of Bajor's wisest Vedeks, Vedek Yarka which is as close as a father figure as I will have. All in all the encrypted wall begins and ends in the same space or does it? Sometimes the path of the prophets is foggy and confused to us linear beings, but diafanous to the Prophets.

End personal log entry encryption Alpha Phi Zeta, Ydan 4

B'Hala , may the prophets walk wth you!

Personal Log: Recording!

Sometimes is very hard to believe in the prophets. The orbs have been around Bajor for thousands of years, the Cardassians try to destroy some of them, but to this day almost all of them have been returned to Bajor.

I sometimes dream of B'Hala the ancient city. In one of the texts that they found not long ago there were scripts on relationships. I guess humanoids have had problems with relationships since they began to think. One thing was very clear, you can tell when too people make a team. It is almost like Captain Sisko's game of baseball, when you have a team , all your players work together. You may not know what the outcome will be, but one thing is for sure, all the players are in it all the way.

I remember walking with the Emisary by the Holana River, in the Musilla Province, seeing the paddocks of grass extending almost to no end. Sometimes love makes you feel that way too, like there is no end to your feeling uplifted and radiant.

I am seeing my life being turned around for the second time in a short period. I am kind of having a moment of clarity and seeing that my future is somewhere outside of this province. In the meantime there is a need to keep life moving and to embrace the path the prophets have laid for us. My pah is getting stronger as Vedek Bareil told me, I must walk with the prophets constantly and the must walk with me as well. End personal log entry encryption Alpha Phi Zeta, Ydan 4.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Which Startrek Character are you?

Your results:
You are Deanna Troi

You are a caring and loving individual.
You understand people's emotions and
you are able to comfort and counsel them.

It is so true! I feel that you feel nothing at all!!!
It's my hair isn't it?

Deanna Troi 75%
Chekov 70%
Spock 64%
Geordi LaForge 60%
Mr. Scott 60%
Beverly Crusher 60%
Worf 60%
Jean-Luc Picard 55%
James T. Kirk (Captain) 55%
Uhura 50%
Will Riker 50%
Mr. Sulu 45%
Data 39%
An Expendable Character (Redshirt) 35%
Leonard McCoy (Bones) 30%

Click here to take the "Which startrek character are you?" quiz...

Landing Pad C

Science Officer's Log:
Stardate 04132006

Today was my regular fourth day of the week. An unexpected run to the Luna 2 Colony to deliver a Cardassian diplomat. There has been disputes in the area. These disputes are about where does the demilitarized zone starts and ends. We have two kinds of runabouts one is the Rio Grande on your left here, which is a Danube Class Runabout and the Defiant , which is in itself a Defiant Class Starship, here below orbiting Bajor, tough little ship.

So I went on my merry way and delivered the cardi to his destination.

Sometimes life seems like a piece of gold pressed latinum away. I guess you have to gamble to have some gains in life. Maybe a game of Dabo where it calls for all or nothing. Well maybe not, maybe is time for my Raktujino which I so much deserve . Sometimes I wish I was in the Rakantha Province, I miss the freedom of the land some days, and some days I miss the war. I may sound sick, but sometimes you wish you had something to live for more than mere existence. It is always important to have a purposeful life.

End Science Officer log entry, encrypt, authorization Gamma Phi Zeta, Ydan 11.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bajorans Cry too

Personal Log entry:

Today I feel like crying my heart out, so much confusion reigns in my head, yet it is all too simple. Well let me explain. The other day I went to visit the monastery on YticYlad and talk to the orb of prophecy. Not an easy task and not an easy choice. The prophets a lot of times are very unclear about the messages they tell to us.

I visited with some old friends and had a great time, we had hasperat, and some spring wine. Hasperat is a well-known spicy Bajoran food resembling a burrito. It is made using a specially prepared brine, which if made correctly will cause the eyes to water and sear the tongue.

Believe me when I tell you that our eyes seared with joy, nothing like a well made haperat. The combinaiton with spring wine was the perfect way of spending and afternoon celebrating a friendship. One of my friends will be getting married soon .

Maybe my confusion will clarify itself, I am open to the prophets will. Meditation never sounded so great. In my way to ops, the operations station, I will stop by one of the replimats and have a Raktajino. Believe it or not a Raktajino is the equivalent of human coffee, but that's an understatement it will definitely grow wings on you. Well never the less we have to go and do our work today.

Computer end personal log entry encryption Alpha Phi Zeta, Ydan 4.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Pon Farr April 06

I just borrowed this from a place in the interstellar superhighway of information. I am combining my two blogs so that you can share my life encrypted or encrypted life and my other crafts. May you live long and prosper.

This is a book that I recommend to everyone. I have read it from cover to cover and the truths that are within it's pages are beyond this world.

I will end up hanging upside down ntil my Pon Farr is over? I don't know Yet.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bajoran I am

This is the beginning of my life as a Bajoran Officer on Deep Space Nine. My name is Lt. Zeraven Ydan using the proper bajoran name pronunciation, I should be addressed as Zeraven, only my friends call me Ydan. The wormwhole and the station are part of my life now. I come from the Icor Islands in the middle of Bajor my homeworld. The Icorian Sea is a beautiful body of water which I miss everyday. There's not one hour in the 26 hours of a day that I don't miss the Island. Our days are ruled by 26 hours, which is hou long Bajor takes to rotate on its axis every day.

Bajoran cities are very pleasing to the eye as you can see from this picture. I spend a lot of time working at Terok Nor , the name the Cardassians gave to the station. The station was moved to the mouth of the wormhole after Starfleet took command of it.

Finally after many years after the Cardassian ocupation of Bajor , Bajor can breathe once more.

As you can see I am half Bajoran, my skin coloring was affected by a cardassian bone marrow implant.
My Promise to you is to keep you entertained with the fiction I create during the life of this blog. Bajor is for bajorans and my life will never be the same from this day on.
I will leave you with a carol from one of our festivals, the Festival of Perdol Joi, may you walk with the prophets.

Kevin Wald: Bajoran Gratitude Festival Carol

Ye merry folk of Bajor,
May the Prophets guide your way;
This Festival of Gratitude
Will only last a day,
So join us by the fire for some
Redemption-scroll flambe'.

O tidings of Peldor Joi, Peldor Joi,
O tidings of Peldor Joi.

The liturgy that starts things off
Is less than ten words long;
They're all in Old Bajoran, and
They always say them wrong,
Then burn a piece of paper in
A complicated bong.

O tidings of Peldor Joi, Peldor Joi
O tidings of Peldor Joi.

So go and find a friendly fire
To tell your troubles to
(With all the troubles in it
It's no wonder that it's blue),
Then drink until you can't tell
"Peldor Joi" from "Jolan Tru".

O tidings of Peldor Joi, Jolan Tru,
O tidings of Peldor Joi.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Meditation Afghan from Bajor Started

It is a shame that the pictures do not make justice to the wonderful texture of this afghan. There is a bubble inside a diamond. The color is fuschia, it is a very pretty afghan for those meditations moments. When you are sitting on the floo you will really enjoy siting on this wonderful piece of art.

Today more than ever I think of friends and loved ones that have gone before me. I am in a funky mood, but always creative. Challenges are ahead, but the road less travelled is the one to go forward and through. May the prophets walk with you today and always. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 03, 2006

South West Ripples Finished

Here it is I was working hard on finishing this project. You can see the beautiful outcome. It is made by increases and decreases. I love the wave or ripple that it makes as it goes. My friend will be very happy.

This afghan is not hard to make and I really like the color combo that I choose. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon to see what mischief I am up to.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

South West Ripples Apr 06

Here it is SouthWest Ripples 75% done. I am actually hiding the loose ends already and I am probably two to three days away from finishing this wonderful afghan.

I am making this afghan for a friend of mine. I have know this guy since my college days. Actually next year it will be 20 years since I have known him. We have gone through a lot together. We have had our ups and downs in our friendship, but the loyalty still there. I am making this for him , because he is going to do a big favor for me and I have no way of paying him back, but in kind. In the meantime this will be a token that will show him how much I appreciate his actions and how much I owe him in my friendship account. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon, it will be done before you know it.

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