Friday, April 28, 2006

Ydan to Defiant. One to beam up!!!

Personal Log:
Stardate 04282006

Computer strate recording.

Today I went to the Musilla Provincebecause I wanted to think about what to say here, I took a short vacation there. One thing I have noticed the title has evolved with the writing. Isn't it always that way? I went to a part of the province that was very populated, I wanted to be among lots of people and feel their energies. As I am walking to the my local favorite eatery for their famous Hasperat, I noticed a young lady that was crying, because she was lost. She was asking everyone for help finding her personal transport. She looked crazy, she wanted people to help her find it, and noone was stopping. She looked a little disturbed, but I decided to help her. I approached her and asked: "Are you hungry?", She looked at me in sobbing and said: " No I am not hungry, I have lost my transport, I told pilot to wait for me, I left my stuff there and now I don't remember where he is. I look at her blue eyes deeply and serenely said to her, "Don't worry I will help you find your Pilot and your transport, it is going to be fine." Well we eventually found it, there where only four places where people could have transports waiting for them. We visited one and after questioning her about what she did first after she got out of her transport, I decided she was on the western site, by the Twin Peaks tower. She was happy and aaskd me if I wanted anything. I hugged her and told her, just be happy and have a great trip home. That was very nice t see someone without hope finding some. Me on the other hand have to make my own.

I find myself pondering and reflecting on a lot of stuff. Here is my personal amulet of sorts, the IDIC, Infinite Diversity Infinite Combinations. I am dissapointed, frustrated and unhappy, but that is the first step toward happiness. There are many things going on, now that my birthdate is tomorrow. Maybe because of my knowledge that my mother is getting older and or the fact that I am a year older myself. My love from my mother is because of my genetic connection to her, she is the person I have known longest. I find myself thinking about love and the posibilities of love in life. Is love really real, why does it seem to escape from me when I thought I found it. Is life mocking me. Sometimes I think it is. I have been in a relationship and it feels like I am not better now than at the begining, is it ending or is it renewing itself. We shall see.

After I come back from my hometown ther will be a celebration in my heart, I will bear the sign of a true warrior by embracing the love of the Prophets.One thing is for sure, after this weekend my life is going to change forever. My life as it was is no more ,until then, may the Prophets guide you and may you listen to their unspoken words.

Computer end personal log, encryption Echo Alpha Charlie 46 Ydan 29 end log.

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