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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Esho Funi" Cowl with lace

Esho Funi Cowl Collage3A

“Esho Funi” Cowl with Lace. This pattern was inspired by the Japanese feather pattern by Barbara G. Walker , from the Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It has been adapted for a cowl in the round with some modifications for a more balanced look.

Esho Funi is a Japanese concept of non-duality of life and its environment. The principle that life and its environment, though two seemingly distinct phenomena, are essentially non-dual; they are two integral phases of a single reality.


1) Wollemeise Lace Garn (75 gms), 435 yds. (green or petersilie)

Green Cowl at 96 sts , 30 grams, 174 yards, blocked to 24” round and 9.5 “ tall.

2) Courchevel, 90% Mink 10% Silk, Light Fingering , 383 yards (lipstick red)

Red Cowl at 144 sts , 30 grams, 230 yards
blocked to 36 inches in the round and 9.5 inches tall,

Needles: US 8 or 5.0 mm, circulars or dpns

Gauge: about 8 stitches and 12.5 Rows = 2 inches ;
Two repeats in pattern; 24 sts = 6 inches wide and about 20 Rows = 4 inches tall

Stitch markers (recommended). Stitch markers help with your stitch count and repetitions.
Blocking boards and (stainless) pins.

This Cowl comes in different sizes. S(mall) at 96 sts, (M)edium at 144 sts, (L)arge at 192 sts. These are just suggested lengths you may make one that is smaller or larger. This pattern has negative ease.

The Green Cowl at 96 sts was 18 “ in the round by 9” tall unblocked, and after being blocked it expanded to 24” round and 9.5 “ tall.

Pattern Notes:

This pattern was designed using Intwined Studio software. Some of the written instructions may seem redundant, but be assured that they should be without errors. Sometimes you will find instructions like “ssk2” or “ssk3”. This means that the instruction for the ssk stitch will be done (ssk2) twice or (ssk3) three times respectively. I have allowed the software verbosity to be present as to stay away from making a mistake by trying to shorten the instructions.

Sells for $ 6.00


Tuesday, January 06, 2015

"Dear Deer" a Fair Isle Hat

Dear Deer A Fair Isle Hat

“Dear Deer” a Fair Isle hat.  I created this hat pattern a while ago.  It is a Fair Isle hat with a folded rib band.  It aims at stretching the boundaries of traditional Fair Isle by utilizing the Armenian Knitting Technique”.  This hat is definitely a unisex hat and you may size it smaller or larger.  There are some instructions in this pattern, but the pattern is made to be followed with a chart.


Yarn:      Main picture  Heritage Solids Colors by Cascade Yarns

Fingering / 4 ply , 75% Merino, 25% Nylon , 437 yards / 100 grams


Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin by Wollmeise , or any fingering sock yarn.

Needles:  US 4, 3.75 mm double pointed needles or  1 or 2 circular needles with cable of 30 ” (or  bigger if you are looking to make the hat using magic loop).  At one point DPNs will be useful.

Gauge:   2 “ =  11.5 to 12  Sts  and 16 Rows in Stockinette Stitch (adjust needle size to get gauge if needed)

Notions:     Stitch marker, Darning needle, enough waste yarn for provisional cast on. Dpns, one or two circular needles of appropriate size.

Finished Dimensions before blocking:  Rib band measures about 18 (21, 24, 27) inches, if you get gauge.  (Main Picture Hat 126 sts  50 grams), MC = 35 grams or 153 yds, CC = 15 grams or 66 yards. The pompom is about 5 grams and is optional.

This hat was blocked by immersion in water with a mild wool detergent. Excess water was removed by patting it with a dry towel and it was laid flat to dry.  When it dried it measured 9 ½ inches tall (From Purl edge to top of crown) and 22 inches in the round. Blocking this hat consisted of the hat being hand washed, then laid flat to dry.   I used a towel to remove the excess water, by patting it to an almost dry point.  You may use other ways of blocking if you prefer.  It has a negative ease of about 1 to 2 inches.

It is $6.00


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bad Santa Hat 2014

Bad Santa 2014 (10)
This pattern is part of a Calendar of patterns that you get.  There is a pattern that comes out each month.  I had enjoyed all the pattern that came out of this calendar year and I am looking forward to next year's calendar.  Here is a link to the Calendar December Bad Santa Hat  and the  Ebook for 2014.  Have a wonderful rest of week and Ho Ho ho!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"NURBS" a unisex hat

NURBS unisex hat Collage

My last hat design for 2014. It is a fun hat to make and it is easily adapted to many sizes.
NURBS a unisexd hat... Non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS) is a mathematical model commonly used in computer graphics for generating and representing curves and surfaces. It offers great flexibility and precision for handling both analytic (surfaces defined by common mathematical formulae) and modeled shapes. They can be efficiently handled by the computer programs and yet allow for easy human interaction. NURBS surfaces can represent simple geometrical shapes in a compact form.

Depending on the type of user interface, editing can be realized via an element’s control points, which are most obvious and common for B├ęzier curves, or via higher level tools such as spline modeling or hierarchical editing.

This hat can be made into a beanie, Tam or slouch. I hope that you will discover your favorite style, then make one for you and one for a friend.  


Yarn: “Pure” 100% Merino Superwash, Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin
Any Fingering weight yarn (14 wpi), about 160 – 250 yds
(Main Picture Hat 126 sts and takes less than 50 grams or 175 yds)
Unblocked 15” resting, blocked to 22 “ and about 9“ from crown to ribbing.
This hat has a negative ease of 2 - 5 “

Needles: US 4, 3.50 mm double pointed needles or a circular needle with cable of 30” or more.

Gauge: 2 “ = 12 Sts and 17 Rows in Stockinette Stitch (adjust needle size to get gauge if needed)

Stitch marker and a Darning needle

Finished Dimensions: Rib band measures about 18( 20, 22, 24) inches if you get gauge.

$ 6.00

Friday, November 28, 2014

"Triton" a unisex hat

collage triton 7a 
Triton  is a unisex hat. Triton is a mythological Greek god, the messenger of the sea. He is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, god and goddess of the sea respectively, and is herald for his father. He is represented as a merman, having the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish, "sea-hued", according to Ovid "his shoulders barnacled with sea-shells".

Like his father, Poseidon, he carried a trident. However, Triton's special attribute was a twisted conch shell, on which he blew like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves. Its sound was such a cacophony, that when loudly blown, it put the giants to flight, who imagined it to be the roar of a dark wild beast.

This hat has versatility,  plenty of waves, cables and twisted stitches. It may be made many shapes and head sizes.  I hope that you will discover your favorite style, then make one for you and one for a friend.


Yarn:  Pictured above Wollmeisse Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin, or any  Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi) Yardage 385 yards (352 meters) 100 grams . You will need about 150 yards to 300 yards  of a fingering weight yarn.

( Main Picture Hat at 126 sts  50 grams or 175 yds),  stretching to 24 inches at ribbing with 8 inches from the crown to the cast on edge, blocked and stretched. 

Needles: US 4, 3.50 mm double pointed needles or a circular needle with cable of 30” or more.

Gauige: 2" = 12 sts and 17 Rows in stockinette stitch (adjust needle size to get desired gauge)
Stitch Markers  and a darning needle.

Finished dimensions before blocking:   Rib band measures about 18(20, 22, 24) “, if you get gauge.  Your hat will stretch quite a lot, so keep in mind how you are blocking your hat.  If you wash the hat and lay it flat it won’t stretch as much as using a dinner plate to block the hat.

Price is $6.00


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Brethren socks in White

White Brethren (3)
I am done just in time for Thanksgiving , I have made the Brethren in white. It is amazing to be able to make socks for yourself. Next week I am hoping to work on my Cardigan and on two hats that I have designed, I am testing them as we speak. I also have a new pattern for a scarf that promises to be fun. In the meantime have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving 2014. Thanks for stopping by! White Brethren (9)

Monday, November 24, 2014

The New Knitting Circle by San Francisco Magazine

San Francisco Magazine December 2014

Thanks to the San Francisco Magazine for featuring some of the guys  from our knitting circle, whic also includes crocheters.  Nine of us went to the shoot, only 8 show up.  Charles Ford is the guy missing. There is a group of fellows that meet on Sunday at a local Coffee house.  2349 Market street, Espressamente Illy Castro.  There are crocheters and knitters and we are men of many venues and backgrounds, doing something creative.  We call the attention of the casual and not so casual passer by .  We are the New Knitting Circle  San Francisco Style.  Here is the link to the Free Digital Copy of the Magazine http://www.modernluxury.com/san-francisco/digital-edition  

Happy Thanksgiving!

San Francisco Magazine December 2014