I ache for Home

Perosnal Log Entry
Satrdate 04202006:

It is the month of Lirba and the sky shows the beauty of this month. This month is when the moons on Bajor 8 are opposite to each other for a total of 11.9 hours.

I am looking forward to my new home on the central Isalnd of Bajor 8. So many things for my move to the new colony. I am hoping that my friends will come and visit. There is a matter that I don't know what to do. I need to perform the ritual of separation. This guy is not bajoran, but I am hoping that we can come to a mutual agreement to disagree. This ritual is a great way of remaining friends with someone whose affections have evolved and are no longer marriage material.

No matters what happens it's all in the path the prophets have laid for us.

Computer end personal loge entry ; encryption Ydan Delta Gamma 29


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