Cycles within Cycles

Computer start recording
Personal Log entry: Stardate the month of 04222006.

I guess if people ever read my log entries they will wonder if I ever work. Yet I do work to the best of my abilities. I am born from within every single day, yet there are days that I am not born at all, but transformed into some kind of never ending cycle.

Tomorrow I travel to Bajor in a sabatical. It's about time I just don't like to waste my time in sabaticals, so I am taking advantage of the ocasion to join a group of friends for some drumming. Well now you say Ydan has lost it. I guess since my friend, Toc Of the house of Perhor, died things have not been the same. The world that I call reality is not that enjoyable, here I am left behind in this world of emptiness. I still miss him.

The other day there is this cardassian on the Promenade that talks and talks, but he has no essence to his talk. I never care for empty chats and that's 90 % of his babblings. When people start making empty talk I really wonder at the workings of the universe and at the wonders it has to offer.

Computer end personal log entry encryption Alpha Zulu Romeo Ydan 11.


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