Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Life an Encrypted Wall

Personal log entry:

I guess as time goes by you look at your life and it looks like an encrypted message. The prophets know that we are always striving to do our call and follow our Pah's path. Sometimes I wish Kai Opaka was still here, she had such insight into the workings of our spirituality and our physical nature that few have accomplished in their lifetimes. My quest is to find that balance between spirit and matter, and to effectively find happiness.

I guess when times are not right , we tend to see greener pastures somewhere else. You could say that the path less travelled does not have a great appeal. Inside of us there is infinite wisdom, which correlates the outside and the inside flawlessly. At times as in now I am wondering what is actually happening in my inner being. I guess that's why I am travelling to Bajor 8 which is another M-Class planet in the B'hava'el system or Bajoran System. Bajor, unlike the Terran system or Sol System, has more than one M-Class planet.

I will be able to talk to one of Bajor's wisest Vedeks, Vedek Yarka which is as close as a father figure as I will have. All in all the encrypted wall begins and ends in the same space or does it? Sometimes the path of the prophets is foggy and confused to us linear beings, but diafanous to the Prophets.

End personal log entry encryption Alpha Phi Zeta, Ydan 4

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