Sunday, April 16, 2006

Do Bajorans Have Pon Farr?

Personal log entry:
Stardate 04162006

There comes a time in each persons life were you have to think what is best for you. Never mind that you should always take that into consideration, sometimes our spiritual calling directs us to make some sacrifices. It is so peculiar that we think of sacrifices when there is actually none to make, but decissions to change your life into something more attainable for you , is sometimes difficult beacause we are afraid of being punished for trying to have a good life.

My relationships have changed, mainly because I have changed. It never ceases to amaze me the fact that when you feel the freest in time, relationships come left and right. I figured that much and I asked the prophets to guide my path. Pon Farr would our civilization have survived if we were like Vulcans and a a seven year cycle of Mating. Or maybe we could be like the rebellious vulcans who embraced emotions and just have sex.

It comes a time when you really have to feel fulfilled by yourself without the need of career or accomplishments or possesions. Then and only then you will feel what is to be sucessfull. I have been dying to move back to Bajor and experience life from a different perspective. Is it time to go home? I think it is.

I will go into meditation and ask the prophets to guide my path. I want to change they way my life is going and I want to be close to the bones of my ancestors, even if I want to get cremated when I am dead. I am in distressed, but I will not lose my focus, I think the time to go back to Bajor is at hand. I consulted the orb of prophecy a while ago and it said to wait until the hasperah festival. May the Prophets guide my path until then.

Computer end personal log entry encryption Alpha Delta Charlie Romeo Ydan 29

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Edward Ott said...

curious do you have any bajorian crochet patterns. my wife loves to crochet and is a big star trek fan, as am i and i am sure she would love to have some.


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