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Saturday, April 15, 2006

B'Hala , may the prophets walk wth you!

Personal Log: Recording!

Sometimes is very hard to believe in the prophets. The orbs have been around Bajor for thousands of years, the Cardassians try to destroy some of them, but to this day almost all of them have been returned to Bajor.

I sometimes dream of B'Hala the ancient city. In one of the texts that they found not long ago there were scripts on relationships. I guess humanoids have had problems with relationships since they began to think. One thing was very clear, you can tell when too people make a team. It is almost like Captain Sisko's game of baseball, when you have a team , all your players work together. You may not know what the outcome will be, but one thing is for sure, all the players are in it all the way.

I remember walking with the Emisary by the Holana River, in the Musilla Province, seeing the paddocks of grass extending almost to no end. Sometimes love makes you feel that way too, like there is no end to your feeling uplifted and radiant.

I am seeing my life being turned around for the second time in a short period. I am kind of having a moment of clarity and seeing that my future is somewhere outside of this province. In the meantime there is a need to keep life moving and to embrace the path the prophets have laid for us. My pah is getting stronger as Vedek Bareil told me, I must walk with the prophets constantly and the must walk with me as well. End personal log entry encryption Alpha Phi Zeta, Ydan 4.

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