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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Landing Pad C

Science Officer's Log:
Stardate 04132006

Today was my regular fourth day of the week. An unexpected run to the Luna 2 Colony to deliver a Cardassian diplomat. There has been disputes in the area. These disputes are about where does the demilitarized zone starts and ends. We have two kinds of runabouts one is the Rio Grande on your left here, which is a Danube Class Runabout and the Defiant , which is in itself a Defiant Class Starship, here below orbiting Bajor, tough little ship.

So I went on my merry way and delivered the cardi to his destination.

Sometimes life seems like a piece of gold pressed latinum away. I guess you have to gamble to have some gains in life. Maybe a game of Dabo where it calls for all or nothing. Well maybe not, maybe is time for my Raktujino which I so much deserve . Sometimes I wish I was in the Rakantha Province, I miss the freedom of the land some days, and some days I miss the war. I may sound sick, but sometimes you wish you had something to live for more than mere existence. It is always important to have a purposeful life.

End Science Officer log entry, encrypt, authorization Gamma Phi Zeta, Ydan 11.

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