Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inviere Colorway of the Natasi yarn

So I have had the most productive weekend of spinning, and more and more I realize how much more practice I need.  I can tell you I have plenty of fiber to play around with  my wheel. It is fun, I am hoping to share more with you in the near future. I did not like this fiber much when I spun it, but it was a lot loftier when I bought.  I definitely like the color a lot.
The material below, is silk/camel and it is a very difficult blend to play with, but very rewarding. I love the smell of silk, and the touch to your hands is very specific.  Silk has a stickiness to it, you may have to moisturise your hands in the middle of your spinning. The Tussah Silk has this honey like color that is amazing and when combined with the camel it gives you a very nice golden color like you see in the picture below this one here.
Inviere (2)
This is the honey color of this silk blend and it is so pretty and soft.  I have a bit more of this blend and I am hoping to make a two ply yarn instead of a three ply.
Inviere (3)
Here I am sharing with you a bit of my spinning and showing you the drafting zone. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Caprica Six a yarn that is bold and Complex

CapricaNatasi (1)
Sunday I was able to spin , ply and set this skein of yarn.  It is corriedale and it was already dyed.  I will have to say that if you buy some fiber to spin , it is better if you spin it as soon as you can because time sometimes makes fiber funky.  This was Navajo Plied and I am learning more and more as I spin. I don't know if I got this from watching Judith MacKenzie McCuinn, but I can tell you that once you listen to her in a class or a video, your whole perspective about spinning fibers takes a quantum leap. When you listen to her what I always hear is that spinning is something that is very intuitive and it is not a science, but it has its mechanics.  Spinning has a lot to do with your equipment, your attitude , the fiber and how it was prepared, what kind of fiber you have  and ultimately it is the merging of you and the fiber that you are spinning.

One of the things I have learned while learning to spin is :

1.   Look at your fiber, really look at it , see the character that it has come with.

2.   Feel the fiber, get a sense of the preparations that it has, and the character that it has as well.

3.  Don't fight the fiber, I believe each fiber has a perfect yarn density that it wants to be, you can force it, but you may not like the results.  The fiber will let you know by the way it takes the twist.
Inviere (3)
A friend of mine Naomi, did such a wonderful job blending this camel/silk  blend for me, yet I have to respect the fiber and the quality it has come with.  Camel is such a short staple and silk is the opposite, so this will create a very interesting hand spun yarn, it is so far a very luxurious blend, I am going to do a two ply and see what I get from this blend.  What I like about the silk blend is, that it is a very forgiving fiber to play with.  I have to try to spin silk by itself and I do have the perfect fiber for that and maybe a bit of Tussah silk or maybe some bleached completely white bombix silk to see what kind of trouble I can get myself into.  I enjoy spinning because it allows me to quiet my mind and allow my inner artisan to come out and play. Thanks fro stopping by.

Inviere (4)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Spin in the Twilight Zone

SpinningSunday (7)
This is a Sunday Spin in the Twilight Zone, come and join me in the fun.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ribbons For Vanna's Choice

RibbonsVannasChoice (2)
I have to say that this hat was a present from the GODS or the Muses.  If you are looking for a Crochet Hat for Expressing your support for a Cause, this is the Hat for you, very Elegant and easy to size . It is a relaxed hat so roomy for your head and no overheating.  I manage to finish the hat with the Vanna's Choice yarn and even though it was difficult, I am very pleased with the end product.  We all know that nothing easy is ever good, so a little of tweaking on this yarn and the hat came alive.  If you are looking for the Knit Version of this Hat my Friend Kyle William is  actually the creator of such hat and you can find it HERE or if you rather copy and paste , http://www.kylewilliam.com/3/post/2011/03/cause-hat-to-benefit-living-beyond-breast-cancer.html , this is a link as well.   I made this hat with the orange Ribbon because it represents Diversity. This hat is very diverse because you can make any of the colors of the rainbow, even better you can make it with some self stripping yarn as the Change color and have real fun.   The pattern is under Crochet Patterns Page uon the top, this will be handled by Ravelry.  I am personally donating 50% of the net Proceeds to Project Open Hand, on a monthly basis.  Is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and my friend Kyle made this possible for me by inspiring me in the creation of a Crochet Pattern like this one.

RibbonsVannasChoice (1)
I have made it in Wool, wool / acrylic blends, and 100 % acrylic and all of them work good, wool is the best of all.  If you are making it for someone who has suffered radiation, I will get the softest acrylic or the nicest cashmere / wool blend , even superwash wool; and make them a hat If you want to purchase the pattern here is the  . Thank you for your support.  This link is managed by Ravelry and there will be a download link for your convenience, very eco-friendly.

RibbonsVannasChoice (13)
So here I am The Buddha outside and the Buddha inside, both at the same time, who said I could not be in two places at once!   I hope this will bring you something for the altruistic spirit in you that will allow you to  work with  it for a good cause.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vanna's Choice Ribbons

Vanna's choice is a very  diverse yarn , but not one of my favorites for this kind of work.  Tapestry Crochet and dealing with a 4mm hook I don't know if it is the recommended size or not, but that size of hook 4 mm is not very compatible with this yarn  and this hat, but it can be done. After spending a bit of time trying to figure out how to crochet with this yarn, I have to say that I am still not very crazy about it for crochet. I have knitted with it and have had no problems at all, but crochet is a challenge, specially if you hold the hook like a pencil, which is the way I do.  Anyway I am working on this hat , on this yarn to give people choices of yarns.  It is very versatile and can be made in many  kinds of yarns.  I wanted to include Vanna's choice as I have a bunch to work with.  This yarn is very soft as far as acrylic goes, washes well and perhaps with a bigger hook. This is my take on the Vanna's choice. I would say if you are a knitter this is a perfectly good yarn for you, crocheters beware of how you hold your hook and I would say do a test at the store.  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weaving without a Fringe

Weaving without leaving a fringe, it is possible if you have an open mind.  I saw a lot of names for the terminations of the fringe.  There are many ways of terminating a weaved piece without a fringe and you can use a specific color so that you can make a fold, or just like here sewn.  I left a long tail about 3.5 meters from when I last weaved.  I then proceeded to work  the thread around four rows of weft yarn, up and around until the end. I  have a video to help you see, I will have better videos later so that people can see the fun part of weaving terminations. 
WeavingNoFringe (2)
If the wool is not superwash you will have a better fabric after you wash it.  You can cut those warp threads off and they will practically disappear. You can always  make those threads go and hide on the wrong side of the fabric, specially if you are using your fabric to line a bag.  Weaving is fun and I hope to share more stuff with you in a few weeks.  I am busy with other projects and weaving is actually my non mental projects hobby.

WeavingNoFringe (1)
This little video will show you  a bit more about this fabric and I hope you find it useful.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weaving Sundays

WeavingSundays (2) by Crafty Andy
WeavingSundays (2) a photo by Crafty Andy on Flickr.

So here I am at the end of my weaving, I think I will weave some and then will make the end like I wanted to make them before. I will attempt to finish this piece without a fringe. Wish me luck. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I am Triton

I am Triton the Water that burns. I have awakened from a long slumber.  I can smell the winds of change as I am eternally changing.  I have looked into the eyes of  Zeus and the fire that is outside , now burns within my soul as well.  I am the water that burns, I am Triton. 
Triton (5)
I am Triton I can hear the Fire talking to me, I listen to the sound of silence and engage in the shifting of  my nature that is and is not.  I am Triton , I am the water that Burns.  At the center of my soul there is the eternal fire, yet that fire is made out of water. Can you see the  light enclosed within the darkness, I can  and I am here to share with you the secrets of the golden river of love, life and laughter, can you feel that fire that burns without consuming.   Can you hear the soul of the Gods calling you to be your best. I am Triton I am the water that burns.
Triton (6)

In the middle of the Universe I sit, I am part of it all and so are you.  Can you hear the noise of silence?  I am Triton , I am my father's son.  I rise from the bottom of the sea to share life among mortals and non mortals alike. I can taste the Ambrosia, I can read literature, poetry, I can see works of art, is the essence of the Gods Spirit inside of each of us.  I am Triton  the water that burns.
Triton (2)
I am Triton,  I am liquid fire, I am the water that burns.  I am one with you and you one with me.  I am Triton,  I know what is to be water and  water knows what is to be me. I know what is to be fire and  fire knows what is to be me, so I am here and not here,  I am  Triton I am  the son of the Gods, I am of love always , I am always of peace, I am  and always will be Triton, forget me not. Here is the secret for those who want to know, the mountain is full of horses, but inside is the glow. I am Triton , I am the water that burns.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ishtar and Jordan Almonds

One of the most fun part of the Isthar aka Easter Holiday is the candy and the Hunt. You could say the colors are great and a sign of spring coming to life.  Here are my Jordan Almonds . I bring you the Jordan Almonds with some clever photography.  I am trying to learn the peculiarities of dealing with the Aperture in a camera along with the focus factor which relate to the field of depth.  I guess when it came down to the physic of cameras and the photo science, I  got engaged.

JordanAlmonds (3)

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter has a good one and those who celebrate Spring have a nice Spring.  Here are some toothpicks in a demonstration of fun with the camera and me showing a bit off.  I am not being quiet, but being creative and in a few days I am hoping to have some patterns to be shared with some.I am still weaving and knitting, and have a crochet hook in hand.  Always busy and now liberated by the life force itself.  May your Journey be without incidents. Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Stitch in Time

I know that I want to have a bigger loom, but this little loom is very versatile and now that I got the clamps drilled in a different way is better. This weaving includes some of my wheel spun yarn.  I am playing with stitches, pick up sticks and playing with color. I want to know what is making fabric is all about. This is a fun project that I am hoping to incorporate into the Knitting / Project bag that I am fixing as I go.  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Delphi Scarf Weaved

DelphiScarfWeaved (4) by Crafty Andy
DelphiScarfWeaved (4) a photo by Crafty Andy on Flickr.
Here it is, while at this very moment is cooking in a pot of very hot water, this 65% Cashmere,  35 % wool scarf is beautiful. It needs to be blocked and only one mistake had to be corrected. I did make mistakes as I went along, but I caught most of them in time to undo and redo the rows. The scarf took 63 grams of the green material which is the dominant or about 225 yards and 103 yards of the brown. It called for worsted weight, but my intuition was right , going to a DK weight adding more warps , 33 in all. The heddle was the 12 SETT instead of the 8 SETT. I hope you enjoy this scarf, and I I may tell you something that is worth telling is this: The hardest part of weaving is setting up the Warp , weaving is easy as pie. I may make another one of this in reverse colors, but I may make a hat to go along with this and some gloves which I do have a great pattern from one of my friends from the MFKRs, Harry Wells the Knitting Ninja, you can find the pattern at his site HERE or on Ravelry HERE. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Vanna's Choice for Crochet

This is another choice of yarn for the Ribbons Hat.  It is Vanna's Choice and I will tell you that I don't like this yarn for crochet.  It constantly splits, maybe it is a good yarn for knitting  and I have seen a lot of stuff knitted with this yarn. Maybe is my Addi Hook , , but I would not recommend this yarn for crochet unless the change the way the ply it.  As far as acrylic goes, it is soft and washable, but I do not like this yarn for crocheting at all.  It is still a choice for using in the Ribbons Hat.  This is my Yarn critique for the day, at least it did not have any knots in the skein, that would have been hilarious.  Thanks for stopping by!

The Scarf WIP

This is the second part of weaving something.  You need to create a header to  open the work for your weaving.  Even though I have not weaved for a long time, I realized that if I did the header in plain weave it is easier to remove at the end.  I have sometimes weaved the header under the same shed with three picks one way and 3 picks the other.  It opens ope nicely.  This one is simple weave for a bit and easy to distinguish from the main colors! This pattern is from the Lion Brand website and it is called "The Boyfriend Scarf". I called it the Boyfriend from Delphi.
header (2)
This is my work in progress, even as I had to undo some of the work,  because  I made a mistake.  It is a very simple pattern to weave, but if you don't pay attention you will make a mistake, very easy to fix.  You see here I am using a solid wood ruler to use as a pick stick.  More than a pick stick at this moment it helps me keep the shed open in the correct way.  Unless you want to look into the shed every time you weave, a rule or stick like this is very handy , because it keeps the shed that you are in open , up or down in place. You have to make sure that what you use, in this case a ruler, has no sharp edges or metal at the edge.  You don't want to cut your yarn with the metal edge. So I will weave a bit more today, maybe a lot.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ready to GO

Ready to go

Last night before going to be I was able to get my loom ready for today.  The Apron has been set in the work.  The apron is what is called, it is the fabric or material in which you wrap your warp around.  I use some kind of butcher's paper, which works fantastic for my loom.  I guess I could invest in  some canvas cloth, eventually I may do that, but to my credit the paper is so light and easy to put away. Just wanted to show you the loom set and ready to go as I relax in my Saturday of weaving. Thanks for stopping by.

Warp Speed Ahead

BoyfriendScarfWarp (1) by Crafty Andy
BoyfriendScarfWarp (1) a photo by Crafty Andy on Flickr.
This warping was tricky, because of the way the two colors are interexchanged over the warped. I am excited, because I have already dressed the loom and the warp has been rolled and the individual heddle holes have been put into place. Just wanted to post before going to bed. I think this is going to be another fun adventure in which I am going to learn a lot. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Lion Brand Boyfriend Scarf

This is going to be my relaxation project this weekend. Away from knitting and crochet and just relaxing with my loom. I have the best yarn for this project and I hope to finish it by Monday and have pictures. This is a pattern from Lion Brand using the Cricket Loom and a very clever pattern. Thanks for stopping by!

Ribbons Crochet Hat

RibbonsCrochetHat (12) by Crafty Andy
RibbonsCrochetHat (12) a photo by Crafty Andy on Flickr.
This is a great project for a good cause .

I like this pattern because it gives you the opportunity to make any kind of Ribbon Hat. This pattern is for free if you send me a copy of your donation to "Project Open Hand" . An organization that helps many causes.  Thanks to the help from Naomi, this pattern was tested and proofread. There are more hats coming out, some for personal sale and some with other companies in mind. In the meantime there is one Crafty Andy Hat in the works in a month or two. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jasons Hope Afghan

JasonsHopeAfghan (1)
Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy
Just wanted to share this afghan that I made from the left over squares, Crochet and Knit from the Jason's Afghan. We got donations of sqaures from around the world and through the website menwhoknit.com. We made one for him and he got to enjoy it before his brief life on this planet ended by choice. He opted for no radiation,or chemo, I don't blame him. There are more squares and I am hoping to make more for charity, I think I can make one or two more small lapghans or for Project Linus' children. Thanks for stopping by.

The New Crochet is Old

There is nothing wrong with your LCD, you are seeing floats in Crochet .  I have been working on some secret projects about two or more for new patterns in crochet.  Hats as you can guess is what I am working on.  The main reason I do hats is that so many Crochet hats out there are boring in my opinion and even though they are fantastic patterns I want something more.  Add a bit of color  and a graph and you have a wonderful new craft.  Unlike Tapestry Crochet, COlor Stranding Crochet has floats that hang from the back and does look a lot like Fair Isle Knitting.  Just wanted to share the back of the work, the front will not be revealed until the patterns are published, thanks for stopping by.

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