Monday, March 07, 2011

Delphi Scarf Weaved

DelphiScarfWeaved (4) by Crafty Andy
DelphiScarfWeaved (4) a photo by Crafty Andy on Flickr.
Here it is, while at this very moment is cooking in a pot of very hot water, this 65% Cashmere,  35 % wool scarf is beautiful. It needs to be blocked and only one mistake had to be corrected. I did make mistakes as I went along, but I caught most of them in time to undo and redo the rows. The scarf took 63 grams of the green material which is the dominant or about 225 yards and 103 yards of the brown. It called for worsted weight, but my intuition was right , going to a DK weight adding more warps , 33 in all. The heddle was the 12 SETT instead of the 8 SETT. I hope you enjoy this scarf, and I I may tell you something that is worth telling is this: The hardest part of weaving is setting up the Warp , weaving is easy as pie. I may make another one of this in reverse colors, but I may make a hat to go along with this and some gloves which I do have a great pattern from one of my friends from the MFKRs, Harry Wells the Knitting Ninja, you can find the pattern at his site HERE or on Ravelry HERE. Thanks for stopping by!

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