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Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Scarf WIP

This is the second part of weaving something.  You need to create a header to  open the work for your weaving.  Even though I have not weaved for a long time, I realized that if I did the header in plain weave it is easier to remove at the end.  I have sometimes weaved the header under the same shed with three picks one way and 3 picks the other.  It opens ope nicely.  This one is simple weave for a bit and easy to distinguish from the main colors! This pattern is from the Lion Brand website and it is called "The Boyfriend Scarf". I called it the Boyfriend from Delphi.
header (2)
This is my work in progress, even as I had to undo some of the work,  because  I made a mistake.  It is a very simple pattern to weave, but if you don't pay attention you will make a mistake, very easy to fix.  You see here I am using a solid wood ruler to use as a pick stick.  More than a pick stick at this moment it helps me keep the shed open in the correct way.  Unless you want to look into the shed every time you weave, a rule or stick like this is very handy , because it keeps the shed that you are in open , up or down in place. You have to make sure that what you use, in this case a ruler, has no sharp edges or metal at the edge.  You don't want to cut your yarn with the metal edge. So I will weave a bit more today, maybe a lot.  Thanks for stopping by!