Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ishtar and Jordan Almonds

One of the most fun part of the Isthar aka Easter Holiday is the candy and the Hunt. You could say the colors are great and a sign of spring coming to life.  Here are my Jordan Almonds . I bring you the Jordan Almonds with some clever photography.  I am trying to learn the peculiarities of dealing with the Aperture in a camera along with the focus factor which relate to the field of depth.  I guess when it came down to the physic of cameras and the photo science, I  got engaged.

JordanAlmonds (3)

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter has a good one and those who celebrate Spring have a nice Spring.  Here are some toothpicks in a demonstration of fun with the camera and me showing a bit off.  I am not being quiet, but being creative and in a few days I am hoping to have some patterns to be shared with some.I am still weaving and knitting, and have a crochet hook in hand.  Always busy and now liberated by the life force itself.  May your Journey be without incidents. Thanks for stopping by!


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