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Friday, March 18, 2011

I am Triton

I am Triton the Water that burns. I have awakened from a long slumber.  I can smell the winds of change as I am eternally changing.  I have looked into the eyes of  Zeus and the fire that is outside , now burns within my soul as well.  I am the water that burns, I am Triton. 
Triton (5)
I am Triton I can hear the Fire talking to me, I listen to the sound of silence and engage in the shifting of  my nature that is and is not.  I am Triton , I am the water that Burns.  At the center of my soul there is the eternal fire, yet that fire is made out of water. Can you see the  light enclosed within the darkness, I can  and I am here to share with you the secrets of the golden river of love, life and laughter, can you feel that fire that burns without consuming.   Can you hear the soul of the Gods calling you to be your best. I am Triton I am the water that burns.
Triton (6)

In the middle of the Universe I sit, I am part of it all and so are you.  Can you hear the noise of silence?  I am Triton , I am my father's son.  I rise from the bottom of the sea to share life among mortals and non mortals alike. I can taste the Ambrosia, I can read literature, poetry, I can see works of art, is the essence of the Gods Spirit inside of each of us.  I am Triton  the water that burns.
Triton (2)
I am Triton,  I am liquid fire, I am the water that burns.  I am one with you and you one with me.  I am Triton,  I know what is to be water and  water knows what is to be me. I know what is to be fire and  fire knows what is to be me, so I am here and not here,  I am  Triton I am  the son of the Gods, I am of love always , I am always of peace, I am  and always will be Triton, forget me not. Here is the secret for those who want to know, the mountain is full of horses, but inside is the glow. I am Triton , I am the water that burns.