Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vanna's Choice Ribbons

Vanna's choice is a very  diverse yarn , but not one of my favorites for this kind of work.  Tapestry Crochet and dealing with a 4mm hook I don't know if it is the recommended size or not, but that size of hook 4 mm is not very compatible with this yarn  and this hat, but it can be done. After spending a bit of time trying to figure out how to crochet with this yarn, I have to say that I am still not very crazy about it for crochet. I have knitted with it and have had no problems at all, but crochet is a challenge, specially if you hold the hook like a pencil, which is the way I do.  Anyway I am working on this hat , on this yarn to give people choices of yarns.  It is very versatile and can be made in many  kinds of yarns.  I wanted to include Vanna's choice as I have a bunch to work with.  This yarn is very soft as far as acrylic goes, washes well and perhaps with a bigger hook. This is my take on the Vanna's choice. I would say if you are a knitter this is a perfectly good yarn for you, crocheters beware of how you hold your hook and I would say do a test at the store.  Thanks for stopping by!

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