Friday, March 25, 2011

Ribbons For Vanna's Choice

RibbonsVannasChoice (2)
I have to say that this hat was a present from the GODS or the Muses.  If you are looking for a Crochet Hat for Expressing your support for a Cause, this is the Hat for you, very Elegant and easy to size . It is a relaxed hat so roomy for your head and no overheating.  I manage to finish the hat with the Vanna's Choice yarn and even though it was difficult, I am very pleased with the end product.  We all know that nothing easy is ever good, so a little of tweaking on this yarn and the hat came alive.  If you are looking for the Knit Version of this Hat my Friend Kyle William is  actually the creator of such hat and you can find it HERE or if you rather copy and paste , , this is a link as well.   I made this hat with the orange Ribbon because it represents Diversity. This hat is very diverse because you can make any of the colors of the rainbow, even better you can make it with some self stripping yarn as the Change color and have real fun.   The pattern is under Crochet Patterns Page uon the top, this will be handled by Ravelry.  I am personally donating 50% of the net Proceeds to Project Open Hand, on a monthly basis.  Is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and my friend Kyle made this possible for me by inspiring me in the creation of a Crochet Pattern like this one.

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I have made it in Wool, wool / acrylic blends, and 100 % acrylic and all of them work good, wool is the best of all.  If you are making it for someone who has suffered radiation, I will get the softest acrylic or the nicest cashmere / wool blend , even superwash wool; and make them a hat If you want to purchase the pattern here is the  . Thank you for your support.  This link is managed by Ravelry and there will be a download link for your convenience, very eco-friendly.

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So here I am The Buddha outside and the Buddha inside, both at the same time, who said I could not be in two places at once!   I hope this will bring you something for the altruistic spirit in you that will allow you to  work with  it for a good cause.  Thanks for stopping by!

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