Weaving without a Fringe

Weaving without leaving a fringe, it is possible if you have an open mind.  I saw a lot of names for the terminations of the fringe.  There are many ways of terminating a weaved piece without a fringe and you can use a specific color so that you can make a fold, or just like here sewn.  I left a long tail about 3.5 meters from when I last weaved.  I then proceeded to work  the thread around four rows of weft yarn, up and around until the end. I  have a video to help you see, I will have better videos later so that people can see the fun part of weaving terminations. 
WeavingNoFringe (2)
If the wool is not superwash you will have a better fabric after you wash it.  You can cut those warp threads off and they will practically disappear. You can always  make those threads go and hide on the wrong side of the fabric, specially if you are using your fabric to line a bag.  Weaving is fun and I hope to share more stuff with you in a few weeks.  I am busy with other projects and weaving is actually my non mental projects hobby.

WeavingNoFringe (1)
This little video will show you  a bit more about this fabric and I hope you find it useful.  Thanks for stopping by!

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