Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inviere Colorway of the Natasi yarn

So I have had the most productive weekend of spinning, and more and more I realize how much more practice I need.  I can tell you I have plenty of fiber to play around with  my wheel. It is fun, I am hoping to share more with you in the near future. I did not like this fiber much when I spun it, but it was a lot loftier when I bought.  I definitely like the color a lot.
The material below, is silk/camel and it is a very difficult blend to play with, but very rewarding. I love the smell of silk, and the touch to your hands is very specific.  Silk has a stickiness to it, you may have to moisturise your hands in the middle of your spinning. The Tussah Silk has this honey like color that is amazing and when combined with the camel it gives you a very nice golden color like you see in the picture below this one here.
Inviere (2)
This is the honey color of this silk blend and it is so pretty and soft.  I have a bit more of this blend and I am hoping to make a two ply yarn instead of a three ply.
Inviere (3)
Here I am sharing with you a bit of my spinning and showing you the drafting zone. Thanks for stopping by.

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