Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Silken Road to Wonderland

The end of March and the Beginning of April is finding me spinning.  I do have so much fiber that I bought or was given to me by someone, that I have decided that I am going to spin all of it.  On my wheel  my favorite fiber to spin is silk as of today, silk is very easy to handle and it is very  easy to join.  Silk can be very thin and still keep a lot of strength. Silk needs a lot of twist, so I have spun these singles on my fast flyer on the fastest ratio at 18:1. Here is my latest which I am going to play later tonight and then set the twist.  I am hoping to dedicate this month to spinning with the wheel.  I have bamboo, milk, different kinds of sheep wools, I really did not like spinning camel down on the wheel, I think I would have prefer to spin on a drop spindle. 


If you don't spin a particular fiber you won't know if you like to spin it or not. Practice, practice and more practice, and the plying is as much fun as spinning. I hope to offer you more of my spinning in the week to come. Thanks for stopping by!

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