Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Fiber we spin

A lot of this fiber has been given to me and some I have purchased at many locations.  I think that I decided to spin this month to get this fiber out.  Spinning is about practicing a lot and I am going to do just that everyday as much as two hours. You may have seen these pictures before, or maybe not, but this is all the unspun fiber I own and I am hoping to spin it all into yarn before summer gets here.

Fiber2011 (1)

The picture above there is a Jacob / Alpaca blend on the lower left, the shiny skein is 100% mohair, right upper quadrant a light brownish is targhee.
Fiber2011 (2)
The picture above some interesting blends, the left upper quadrant is some Jacob sheep first shearing, then below some pygora and the rest miscellaneous wools.
Fiber2011 (9)

A close up of the miscellaneous wools above enough to make a good 2 ply for each two.
Fiber2011 (14)
There is some alpaca, the black fiber that Naomi gifted me some time ago and more miscellaneous fibers that I found or were gifted to me at the MFKR 2010.  This is all for today, thanks for stopping by and remained tuned to see the new spinning of Crafty Andy, thanks for stopping by!

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