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Irish Hiking Scarf Knit Along or (KAL) et more

Some days I am amazed at the ability of my hands, some days they don't work that great. So when the hands can handle some knitting I knit and when they want crochet I crochet. For the longest I wanted to join the Irish Hiking Scarf Knit ALong. It may be some embedded genetic code from the time of my ancestors from the Iberian Peninsula that is to be awaken when Celtic motifs are seen.

Since the weather have been unusually warm in the city, cotton is nice to work with. A little change from the merino wool, which is always lovely to handle. I have many projects on the works , some in my head and some on the table. I want to make a nice needle holder case and I may do that this weekend as well. This gives me a change and helps my hands stay sharp. A needle case is very easy to make compared to the Hiking scarf. It may be my first quilting project and I will have Minky to thank for the material as I have some Magical Fabric that she sent me to make the case. Go and take a lo…

Hufflepuff Order of The Crow Hat

As you have seen before my hat designs are born within the first rows. Even then I really don't know where the yarn will take me with the story telling it has to tell. I get inspiration from a movie I am watching , a song I am listening to or my mind musings. I used an F or 3.75 mm hook for this particular hat as I wanted a very tight stitch, and I got that. There are 110 stitches at the end of the hat. About 5 stitches per inch. Lamb's Pride 15% Mohair,85% wool combo.

Here in this short video, is a quick demostration or How To of a single crochet color stranding.
I hope you like it. I am having some fun making these little videos. I will be getting better as time goes by, it is a one man show, so it is difficult to be director and actor at the same time. Most important is that you see what I am doing and hear me in a clear voice. At this stage of the hat you can see what looks like diamonds inside a box of sorts, is it the sorcerer's stone? Maybe, but going below you see …

Crochet Skull Cap or Hat Free Pattern

Basic Crochet Skull Cap or Hat

The Hat in the picture is one I am working on is a Hufflepuff Order of the Craw Hat!

The pattern below will not give you the Hat on the picture, you can create any design by following your own intuition.

Hook sizes: I usually use size G or H 4.25mm 5.00 mm you may go smaller or larger your gauge will change. When doing Crochet Color Stranding I use an F hook for a tighter look!

Gauge is about 4 to 5 stitches per inch or 10 to 13 cm, for 22 inches or 56 cm head is about 92 to 110 sts.It depends on the hook and the material you are using.

Chain 5. Slip Stitch to beginning chain to Form a loop. (You may just chain3 or 4 and do the same or chain 2, and 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook instead of chaining, forming a loop and crocheting round 1, below).

(Note, join with slip stitch to first stitch at end of each round and chain 1)
You may choose just to keep on the round without joining, I don't, I also do a ch1, some people don't. It is a try it and see if you l…

Are you Ready for Labor Day 07?

Labor day is one of the most obscure holidays. Labor Day is a United Statesfederal holiday that takes place on the first Monday in September. The holiday began in 1882, originating from a desire by the Central Labor Union to create a day off for the "working man". It is still celebrated mainly as a day of rest and marks the symbolic end of summer for many. Labor Day became a national holiday by Act of Congress in 1894

For this weekend I will be Baking which is one of my favorite pastimes besides knitting and crochet. It is all homemade . Upper left butter cream sugar free frosting, homemade no sugar added raspberry jam, sugar free chocolate cake covered with the frosting and some jam. Lower left is the preparation of the layers .
In the lower middle you have the triple Decker getting ready to be completely frosted. I shaved some bittersweet chocolate and sprinkled it on the butter cream frosting. It is delicious and I am looking forward to having a slice before Labor …

Harry Potter POA Crochet Scarf Free Pattern

The Prisoner of Azkaban Hogwarts scarves are very different from the old scarves where egalitarian stripes where the norm. I have created a pattern Inspired on the POA aka Prisoner of Azkaban scarves. All I request is that you place a comment, on this blog entry, to let me know you are going to use or intend to use the pattern. If you want my Knitted version, you can click here POA Scarf Knitted Version. I will have more pictures as I make more, but this is an original Gryffindor.


7 Ounces of Main Color

2 Ounces or more of contrasting color

Hook Size I

Darning Needle and sciccors.

To learn how to make this Stitch cick here --> hdc

POA Crochet Scarf Version

Main Pattern

How to make a chain? * See note below

When Changing colors cut yarn and leave at least a 6 to 10 inch tail to weave.

This video is a Demostration of color change for this scarf. It is my first You Tube Video, lol!

With Main Color and Crochet Hook I (or size you prefer) Chain 30.

Beginning Row: hdc in second chain from…

Harry Potter Exchange Scarf 07 #1

My partner's Owl delivered the mail to my house Yesterday. I was in an exchange with Minky at the Crochet Depot Harry Potter Scarf Exchange. Here are the pictures of the Package delivered by her Owl. I have always liked exchanges , because people do things different than you do and it is always nice. I have never had a bad experience in exchanges. I liked the way her scarf came out. Great job Minky!
This was the coolest item of the exchange the Golden Snitch. I tried to catch it, but it just would not let me do it. It came to me later on and then I grabbed it.The snitch comes from and you can find the pattern directly on this LINK.

Honorable Hufflepuff House Scarf Free Pattern

So here it is the Hufflepuff Scarf done. The pattern is following, you can use this pattern for all the houses of the Honorable Hogwart's School. For the POA Crochet Version go HERE!

Pattern Source: My own Pattern Crafty Andy 2007©

Needles: 2 Boye circular needles, 21 " cable, US sz. 6 . Darning Needle,(metal).

Hook: Size F for fringe and pulling yarn.

Main Color: Lamb's Pride Worsted Weight Lemon Drop 4 Skeins.
Change Color: Lamb's Pride Worsted Weight Onyx 1 Skeins.

Locking Stitch Markers, those that are easy to handle.

Time: About 36hours
Techniques: Circular Knitting, Jogless Traveling Stripes Technique

Loved: Changing of Colors.
Hated: Nothing.

Scarf Pattern:

Cast on 74 stitches on circular needles with Main Color.

Divide your stitches taking care not to twist them on two circular needles

Main Pattern

Row 1-22 Knit on the round with main color. Break yarn leaving about 6 inches of tail.
Row 23 Place marker start knitting in Change color, when you come to then…

TGIF the Honorable Slytherin House Scarf

I did not realize how quickly I crochet. I can make two of these scarves in one day easily. It is done with the I crochet Hook and I found that it has the perfect width to make a fast crochet advance on this pattern. I am also practicing different techniques of yarn weaving. When you are making a project like this one with color changes and a big hook, sometimes it is not easy weaving the ends. I will be putting my own pattern expression sometime later this weekend. I am making these scarves for a Crochet Depot Harry Potter Scarf Exchange. This is the second scarf from the Honorable House of Slytherin where this scarf will be flown by my own Owl, Canberra. This colors are nice, I wish there was more options for the silver grey. I am making this scarf in Paton's Merino Classic and it is done in Half Double Crochet, 29 HDC across.
Like Salazar Slytherin, its founder, Slytherin house values ambition, cunning, resourcefulness, and pure blood heritage. Most Slytherin students display a …

Alpaca Stitch Markers by Tami

This I got in the mail today to help me with all the Alpaca yarn that I am working on. They are adorable and not a bad price, (UPDATE 09/03/07 These Are little brittle, one of them is not doing so good, let's see how the others hold, I have contacted the designer , let's see what she says. She has agreed to replace the damaged one. As of September 14, 2007 it has been replaced, I am pleased. This material seems too brittle for certain designs I guess or maybe is in the way it is made. It may have just been that one in particular as the other two are doing great. Thanks Tami!!! It is designsbytami.comor you may also find her at Ebay. I decided to take a break from knitting and crocheting to post this , I mailed my exchange for the Gryffindor scarf with lots of goodies. Minky aka Kathyis the recipient this time. I have a lot of extra stuff and who better than an exchange partner to be the recipient right? A while ago I decided to spoil the next exchange…

What Kind of Pet would you be!

I found this at Cheryl'sYou Would Be a Pet Rabbit
Playful and hyper, you enjoy being around other people... as long as everyone's having fun.
You are easily bored, and you almost always need some sort of entertainment.
If you're not keeping busy, then you're apt to get in some sort of trouble!

Why you would make a great pet: You're very entertaining, even when you're not trying to be

Why you would make a bad pet: Well, personal hygiene isn't exactly your thing... you kind of smell sometimes

What you would love about being a rabbit: Playtime... and eating flowers

What you would hate about being a rabbit: Being held like a toyWhat Kind of Pet Would You Be? I say watch out for those Rabbits from outerspace though lol! Thanks for stopping by.

Blocking Hufflepuff Scarf, starting Gryffindor

So here you got the Hufflepuff being blocked and laying on a towel. Actually at this time I have changed the towel twice and it is pretty dry, it may take a day or two. I will be adding the fringe later. I washed it in Woolite and 1/8 Th cup of Distilled Vinegar, and in the rinse water I added another 1/8 Th cup of Distilled Vinegar as well. It looks nice and it feels very soft. The vinegar most help preserve the oils of the wool and cashmere.

The pattern was easy to make made on the round , 86 stitches, (The next one will probably be 70 or 74), I will have the free pattern later on when the fringe is added and I have a picture to post. It is exactly 60 inches in length, what perfection lol!
Here I am, starting the Gryffindor Scarf, this time in Crochet. I will be using A size I hook or 5.50 mm. I am in a Harry Potter Scarf Exchange at Http:// Crochet Depot and one of my partners is allergic to wool so I am making this one in Acrylic and it is looking ver…

Creative Limits (or Horizons)

What are your creative limits?

Found this meme on LadyLinoleoum If you'd like to participate please do, consider yourself taggedif you want to participate is voluntary.

1. I have no interest in the following activities:Scrapbooking; cartooning, video editing , papermaking .

2.Would love to try these things( May try them soon): Jewel making, spinning wool , wood carving, mundillo, leather craft, acting in a movie, yarn dyeing, goldsmith.

3. I do or have dabbled in these things: Pottery/Ceramics, Teddy Bear making, macrame, sewing, desktop publishing, felting, poetry, drawing, 2D and graphic design; digitial imaging, cooking, baking, flower arranging, gift-wrapping, home decorating, wall papering, detailed painting, landscaping, aquascaping, interior decorating.

4. Love it! These are my things:Crocheting, knitting, sewing, Baking, writing, photography, crochet and knit hat design, Desktop Publishing, computers, science, landscaping.

Hufflepuff Scarf 80%, and a Contest

I have been working on this beautiful Hufflepuff Scarf is about 80% done. It is shaping up nicely and I am looking forward to making the fringe for it. It is my first Knitting design inspired by Harry Potter. I am very excited to have created the scarf. It is very soft to the touch, I will be making a hat for it before the end of the year.

On a different note I am conducting a Weekly Contest At Crochet Depot i.e. the place for all you crochet novices and aficionados and experts. How many Skeins of yarn do I have in this container. There will be more things to guess and different containers to look at. The prizes are Crochet related , Crochet books and books of patterns. There may be a prize of yarn , a prize of hooks and who knows, I am cleaning my closets lol! Thanks for stopping by.

Sun Tea, Irises, some yarn

So here you have it, it is Monday and it is sunny. It is time to make some Sun Tea. I don't know about you, but making your own Sun Tea for Iced Tea is a great joy, specifically because the Sun works for you. Happy Monday everyone. We had a successful Buddhist Meeting yesterday, there was a Potluck and lots of great food and wisdom to share. There was music and singing. I am not a buddhist, but I do share a lot of the values. It is the same buddhism that Tina Turner practices, Nishiren . Personally I follow the Gods of Kobol!

The house is so beautiful when there are flowers around. I really enjoy walking into my flat and seeing beautiful flowers that greet everyone who walks in.

Finally on of my newest yarn stashes. This is for a Harry Potter Scarf Exchange, I am exchanging with two people and it will be crochet instead of knit. Talking about scarves I am still working on my Hufflepuff scarf It will be a day or two before I am finish knitting it, at which time I wil…

Men Who Crochet CGOA Soire Aug 07

This was my contribution to the potluck a Sugar Free Buttercream Frosting Double Layered Chocolate Cake. I also brought a Pasta Salad.

We had a gathering and it was a success. The MWC (Men Who Crochet) had it's meeting Saturday and it was combined with a Potluck, Gift Exchange Soire. I got this nice Tweed and I

gave away some Chenille that I was happy to depart with.

There was a show and tell from Cay, our Vice-President. Some of Cayprojects won some awards, no wonder they were beautiful and some of us where working on projects of different kinds, sweaters, dishcloths, knitting, crochet.

Here you also have one of the newest members Mike which was working on a sweater.

Mike also brought us these for everyonedo you know what they are? The may be used for holding your stitches while your work is put away. They are bread clips,; clips to close the bread bags! Clever don't you think. Kind of Make your Own.Our President Peter Franzi in here with some of his girls modeling in front.

Charmed Knits and Dobby's socks!

Well I am not going to give Dobby his socks yet as I have an extremely busy weekend. Men Who Crochet Meeting Saturday and Sunday Men's Division meeting from my partner's Buddhist Group. I have a new stash of yarn for my scarf projects. I am also realizing that I may not have time for a sweater now until I have finished my scarves and do at least a pair of socks. I have not seen the DVD by Nenah Galati yet, but I will be making a review after I see it.

I will be frogging this sweater and probably use the yarn to make some baby blankets as it is acrylic. There are babies being born that require my Crochet Expertise! "Charmed Knits" is an excellent addition to those who are fans of Harry Potter and love to knit and Crochet. I believe there is only one Crochet Project and the rest is knitting. There are so many things that you can make, you will not be bored. From bookmarks, to magic wands covers, to wizard hats and afghans, sweaters and such, and everything for Quiddich

Hufflepuff Scarf 40 % Update

Well here is the update on the scarf that I have been working on, is from the Hufflepuff House. I tell you that making this scarf has allowed me to learn about changing colors. Sometimes you expect a stitch to go one way, but it goes in a different way. I am talking about when you change colors the stitch that you change colors on and or the one behind and in the front, sometimes do not come out the way they should or the way one expects. As I am doing this scarf I am also looking at the techniques of hiding the loose ends as I work the yarn. It is after all trying to make a spiral look like a circle. It is not difficult, but requires creative thinking.

Once this scarf gets blocked a lot of the imperfections will be gone. Sometimes when you change colors a vertical stitch in one of the columns somehow disappears. Since I am pulling the yarn around to a point I have enough to pull for an extra loop if I need an extra look of any color. I am continuing to work on it an deciding that it w…

Hufflepuff Scarf Jogless Color Change

This technique calls for the color change to be done in a certain way. Here I am ready for the color change.

What you do in the color change is you actually slip the stitch purlwise. To slip a stitch purlwise (sl 1 purlwise) Insert the right-hand needle into the front of the next stitch on the left-hand needle from right to left then slip the stitch from the left-hand needle onto the right-hand needle without knitting it.
I got the technique from this Blog It is called the Jogless Travelling Stripe Techniqueand

Here you will see the three different attempts to make a color change jogless. First Attempt

Second Attempt

This is the Final Attempt. This is the perfect way. I will be folding this scarf in this area anyway, but knowing that i can perform color changing without a jog is incredible. Thanks to the Tutorial I will be able to make hats and more scarfs with jogless stripes. Once you block the Item in question it will be almost flawless. Thanks for stopping by!


Here is the starting of the Hufflepuff project. I have gotten Hufflepuff Mania I guess along with the other Houses of course. You notice that I have a paper and a pencil somewhere. I really like the fact of writing down the sets of rows that I am working on. When I start the new row I put a mark by the row number, so whether I stop in the middle or finish, the number that I am at is the one with the marking. I am using Lamb's Pride Lemon Drop Worsted Weight yarn and Black of course. I am really getting the hang of knitting on two circular needles. I guess it is in preparation for when I get to do socks. Now socks is a project that I am looking forward to as well. Maybe later on or before the month goes out I will have a video with a casting on done in circular needles. I will be on the Internet for posterity. I am working on having an almost seemsless color change, let's see what happens.

I have learned that I tend to knit tight, so I have to relax the way I knit and for once I…

2nd Irish Hiking Hat

Well this is the progress that I have made on the second Irish Hiking Hat. I got the pattern froom this BLOG . I am only going to the pattern which will be apparent in the next picture I post.
It was frogged and recasted and it is done. The color is not as it looks. I actually like this color is a lime Green, not as neon as it looks. I finished the Cap in a slightly different way than the Pattern called for. I will be making the Scarf Starting next week. Tonight I am watchging the second Harry Potter Movie and get inspiration for a Crochet Potter Scarf. Less than 5 ounces or a 150 grams. Done with US 6 or 4mm Circular Needles (two).Thanks for stopping by.