Harry Potter Exchange Scarf 07 #1

My partner's Owl delivered the mail to my house Yesterday. I was in an exchange with Minky at the Crochet Depot Harry Potter Scarf Exchange. Here are the pictures of the Package delivered by her Owl. I have always liked exchanges , because people do things different than you do and it is always nice. I have never had a bad experience in exchanges. I liked the way her scarf came out. Great job Minky!

This was the coolest item of the exchange the Golden Snitch. I tried to catch it, but it just would not let me do it. It came to me later on and then I grabbed it.The snitch comes from http://innerchildcrochet.com and you can find the pattern directly on this LINK.


Deneen said…
Great swap package!
Unknown said…
that snitch is awesome.

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