Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hufflepuff Order of The Crow Hat

As you have seen before my hat designs are born within the first rows. Even then I really don't know where the yarn will take me with the story telling it has to tell. I get inspiration from a movie I am watching , a song I am listening to or my mind musings. I used an F or 3.75 mm hook for this particular hat as I wanted a very tight stitch, and I got that. There are 110 stitches at the end of the hat. About 5 stitches per inch. Lamb's Pride 15% Mohair,85% wool combo.

Here in this short video, is a quick demostration or How To of a single crochet color stranding.

I hope you like it. I am having some fun making these little videos. I will be getting better as time goes by, it is a one man show, so it is difficult to be director and actor at the same time. Most important is that you see what I am doing and hear me in a clear voice.

At this stage of the hat you can see what looks like diamonds inside a box of sorts, is it the sorcerer's stone? Maybe, but going below you see what looks like birds, I think they look like crows, thus the Order of the crow.
At this point you can also see that there is some kind of animal at the bottom edge, the golden badger, is the name of this glyph or caricature. This is actually the back of the hat and one of the motifs is a little distorted, but it is a bit bigger than the others. Yes my hats do have a front and a backside. Tell me what you think!

Finally I got to wear the hat, I have to block it and shape it a bit, but it is comfortable and it feels great on my scalp. I will have a matching scarf to wear this hat. I may make another one with this combination of colors and see if I can make it a more simple hat. This one is kind of for those Hogwarts Functions that require my long black robes. lol!The hat is done in single crochet all around and it is done in what I called color stranding crochet. I carry both yarns all the time. I find that it gives the fabric less flexibility, but it gives it a more substantial build. The middle horizontal line of front post single crochet in both colors is my favorite part of the hat. Thanks for allowing me to share my craft with you!


LadyLinoleum said...

I love it! The F hook was a smart move. That's what I use for hats (and bags) too. It's all about the structure.

Crafty Andy said...

I completely agree with you, with this hook I felt that OI was able to work the material better.

naomi said...

Great job, I love your free form designs.

Anonymous said...

What a funky hat, Andy! It's nice to see unique designs out there. Great job.

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