Friday, August 17, 2007

Charmed Knits and Dobby's socks!

Well I am not going to give Dobby his socks yet as I have an extremely busy weekend. Men Who Crochet Meeting Saturday and Sunday Men's Division meeting from my partner's Buddhist Group. I have a new stash of yarn for my scarf projects. I am also realizing that I may not have time for a sweater now until I have finished my scarves and do at least a pair of socks. I have not seen the DVD by Nenah Galati yet, but I will be making a review after I see it.

I will be frogging this sweater and probably use the yarn to make some baby blankets as it is acrylic. There are babies being born that require my Crochet Expertise! "Charmed Knits" is an excellent addition to those who are fans of Harry Potter and love to knit and Crochet. I believe there is only one Crochet Project and the rest is knitting. There are so many things that you can make, you will not be bored. From bookmarks, to magic wands covers, to wizard hats and afghans, sweaters and such, and everything for Quiddich. Definitely a must have for the Potter Fans. I think it was a great buy. I got it from Ebay , fast shipping and reasonable price. I will be making some of the stuff this winter. Well I may bot see you until Monday, so have a great Weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by.


naomi said...

My goodness Andy, you are really making me want to learn to knit. I just ordered Knitting Without Tears and the first Stitch and Bitch book, maybe they will help. If I'm still having some trouble I'm thinking of taking a class at my LYS.
Have fun this weekend !

Crafty Andy said...

I love crochet, and I have crochet as long as I can remember, but I learned to knit in 1988 when I was sick in bed for 30 days. I made myself a sweater for New Years Eve' Party. It was fun. Give it a try youmay be addicted to! lol!

Anonymous said...

Do you like the harry potter book?

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