Sunday, August 19, 2007

Men Who Crochet CGOA Soire Aug 07

This was my contribution to the potluck a Sugar Free Buttercream Frosting Double Layered Chocolate Cake. I also brought a Pasta Salad.

We had a gathering and it was a success. The MWC (Men Who Crochet) had it's meeting Saturday and it was combined with a Potluck, Gift Exchange Soire. I got this nice Tweed and I

gave away some Chenille that I was happy to depart with.

There was a show and tell from Cay, our Vice-President. Some of Cay projects won some awards, no wonder they were beautiful and some of us where working on projects of different kinds, sweaters, dishcloths, knitting, crochet.

Here you also have one of the newest members Mike which was working on a sweater.

Mike also brought us these for everyonedo you know what they are? The may be used for holding your stitches while your work is put away. They are bread clips,; clips to close the bread bags! Clever don't you think. Kind of Make your Own.Our President Peter Franzi in here with some of his girls modeling in front.
There was food and there was conversation and future planning of the next Soire and the next meeting. Thanks for the fun and than you for stopping by!

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naomi said...

Looks like there was a nice turn out. I'm sure they were there for your chocolate cake (lol)

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