Sun Tea, Irises, some yarn

So here you have it, it is Monday and it is sunny. It is time to make some Sun Tea. I don't know about you, but making your own Sun Tea for Iced Tea is a great joy, specifically because the Sun works for you. Happy Monday everyone. We had a successful Buddhist Meeting yesterday, there was a Potluck and lots of great food and wisdom to share. There was music and singing. I am not a buddhist, but I do share a lot of the values. It is the same buddhism that Tina Turner practices, Nishiren . Personally I follow the Gods of Kobol!

The house is so beautiful when there are flowers around. I really enjoy walking into my flat and seeing beautiful flowers that greet everyone who walks in.

Finally on of my newest yarn stashes. This is for a Harry Potter Scarf Exchange, I am exchanging with two people and it will be crochet instead of knit. Talking about scarves I am still working on my Hufflepuff scarf It will be a day or two before I am finish knitting it, at which time I will take a picture of before and after it being blocked. I have learned a lot about knitting and about the way I knit. I have learned a lot about color changes in knitting on the round. I am making the scarves 60 inches in length. It seems that it is the perfect length for wearing your scarf inside or outside your garment. It is a bit itchy, but that's part of the fun of wearing Wool I think.
From the above yarn I will take to make the acrylic scarf first as I don't want my partner , Minky .who is allergic to wool to have a reaction, then when I get her package sealed I will start on the scarf for my next partner Calypso who is not allergic to wool. I also owe Ladylinoleoum a Meme which I will answer sometime this week, lol! Thanks for stopping by!


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