Hufflepuff Scarf 80%, and a Contest

I have been working on this beautiful Hufflepuff Scarf is about 80% done. It is shaping up nicely and I am looking forward to making the fringe for it. It is my first Knitting design inspired by Harry Potter. I am very excited to have created the scarf. It is very soft to the touch, I will be making a hat for it before the end of the year.

On a different note I am conducting a Weekly Contest At Crochet Depot i.e. the place for all you crochet novices and aficionados and experts. How many Skeins of yarn do I have in this container. There will be more things to guess and different containers to look at. The prizes are Crochet related , Crochet books and books of patterns. There may be a prize of yarn , a prize of hooks and who knows, I am cleaning my closets lol! Thanks for stopping by.


naomi said…
The scarf is really looking good !

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