Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hufflepuff Scarf 40 % Update

Well here is the update on the scarf that I have been working on, is from the Hufflepuff House. I tell you that making this scarf has allowed me to learn about changing colors. Sometimes you expect a stitch to go one way, but it goes in a different way. I am talking about when you change colors the stitch that you change colors on and or the one behind and in the front, sometimes do not come out the way they should or the way one expects. As I am doing this scarf I am also looking at the techniques of hiding the loose ends as I work the yarn. It is after all trying to make a spiral look like a circle. It is not difficult, but requires creative thinking.

Once this scarf gets blocked a lot of the imperfections will be gone. Sometimes when you change colors a vertical stitch in one of the columns somehow disappears. Since I am pulling the yarn around to a point I have enough to pull for an extra loop if I need an extra look of any color. I am continuing to work on it an deciding that it will have a yellow fringe, but it has to be a very cute fringe. I think that it will be around 52 inches before fringe. I have to test the fringe sizing to decide whether is a long or short fringe. The price of making your own scarf on Lamb's Pride Lemon Drop and Coal, is around $ 35.00 so far. I have bought about 5 skeins, I am hoping to have some left for a nice hat. Thanks for stopping by!


Deneen said...

Nice jobandy-it's coming along well.

Crafty Andy said...

Thanks Deneen, It is looking better as I get more experience. Some of the imperfections will be folded and dissappear. I am really enjoying myself.

naomi said...

Andy, I love it !!!

I really must learn to knit.

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