Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blocking Hufflepuff Scarf, starting Gryffindor

So here you got the Hufflepuff being blocked and laying on a towel. Actually at this time I have changed the towel twice and it is pretty dry, it may take a day or two. I will be adding the fringe later. I washed it in Woolite and 1/8 Th cup of Distilled Vinegar, and in the rinse water I added another 1/8 Th cup of Distilled Vinegar as well. It looks nice and it feels very soft. The vinegar most help preserve the oils of the wool and cashmere.

The pattern was easy to make made on the round , 86 stitches, (The next one will probably be 70 or 74), I will have the free pattern later on when the fringe is added and I have a picture to post. It is exactly 60 inches in length, what perfection lol!

Here I am, starting the Gryffindor Scarf, this time in Crochet. I will be using A size I hook or 5.50 mm. I am in a Harry Potter Scarf Exchange at Http:// aka Crochet Depot and one of my partners is allergic to wool so I am making this one in Acrylic and it is looking very nice. I am using the same pattern that I created for the Knit version, but modified for crochet. I am making this scarf in Half Double Crochets. It is not small nor too big, it is perfect. It may be 68 inches as the pattern calls for it to be that way. It will also have a fringe. Do you like the combination of colors I have chosen for Gryffindor? I hope you do. Thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors, Andy. It's looking great!

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