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A list to ponder and wonder 2005-2006

After reading my friend's blog , , entry about resolutions and reflections I realized that I would not mind sharing the same with you. First of all let me tell you that failing to achieve any of them is not a failure, they will be moved or modified or reevaluated. I find no value in beating myself over the head for things impossible or unrealistic expectations or for most anything. In life you need to learn to adapt and change. Being a Taurus life is good if it is predictable, steady and routine. Besides being a Taurus there is more to my chart and I like change and I like challenges once in a while, it keeps life interesting.

When I look at certain things in life I look at the whole value of the ideal then I proceed to see if I am actually asking myself to fail or just postponing the inevitable. My motto in 2006 more than ever will be "Simplify life", almost like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, but different. I am not afraid of living …

Lavender And Purple

This is one of my works in progress I call it Lavender Trellis. I am making this project with yarn from my charity bunch. It will be in memory of Scott Hooper. I am working on my new years resolution et reflection list. It is amazing when you realize how much you have to say and you are not even thinking about speaking.

I am looking forward to going to Puerto Rico next month. I am going to be in my native Puerto Rico on a real vacation for the first time in my life. I will be doing just not much. I am planning to visit the Camuy Caves, Camuy is a town in Puerto Rico.

I am also working on a sweater, and some other miscellaneous items. I am reading as well reading at least three books. I get bored with just one book, unless is really good. ANyway thank you for stopping by, come back before or at year's End and read my list, maybe youget motivation to write your own list.

Title: Which Changeling Kith Best Fits You?

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Which Changeling Kith Best Fits You?
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What was left under the Christmas tree?

Our friends Bob and Javier joined us for Dinner. We had great tamales, arroz con gandules, which is a favorite in the puertorrican cuisine at this time of year. We had sweet rice pudding, a nice salad, coconut custard, home made non-alcoholic eggnog, some wine, chocolate cheesecake and cookies which I never had, I can eat the whole box. LOL There was home made bread, olives, brie cheese, blue roseborg cheese ( careful with that one They are BORG), salami, roasted nuts. A nice evening with some friends, and a very mild night in San Francisco weatherwise.

I got very ethnic as you can see LOL. After the meal was over we saw Batman Begins. The guys left around 1130 PM, they needed to hurry if they wanted to catch Santa.

Next day, or today there were presents under the tree. I got the perfect Gift Card , look by the by the Toy Soldier inside the box. You can never go wrong giving a Taurus money. A Taurus always thinks some for fun, some for savings and some for making more money and some for…

I present you Heidi the Wonder Weiner

Hello and welcome to my Friday entry for this week. Maybe not the last one, LOL. Heidi the Wonder Weiner was Scott Hooper designed stuffed animal. Finishing her pattern has given me a little bit more closure as to the physical loss of my friend.

Scotts pattern is very clever and I think can be made in many colors. The dog is stuffed with polyfil and as we were discussing the stuffing, we decided to use a sock or stocking of the color of the dog or yarn that you choose to make Heidi of.

A boy and his dreams. We men never stop being boys, I think woman must talk about their little girl inside of them, even though some peoiple have a little girl and a little boy inside them, I guess it gets crowded inside our beings. LOL.

I got to take this picture of Heidi , and it looks like she is sitting down. I was able to give her pads on her paws, the pattern did not call for that. Anyone interested in the pattern , please contact me and I will email you the PDF format file. It is not a hard pattern …

Yarn Stash 2005

Can You believe the look on my face, Say YARN. I have been tagged to show my stash of yarn, here is most of it, on the far right of the picture toward the window there is about 10 skeins more, and I have about 20 more in the bedroom with projects. It was not always like this, I swear to you.

I inherited a lot of yarn from Scott Hooper. His father sent me all the yarn he had, we split the shipping and I will make granny squares in mempory of granny guy, afghans, scarfs, hats, and such in the memory of Scott Hooper Jr. I have tags with his name on. I will also have a tag saying handcrafted by yours trully. I will be making donations in his memory through my work and his yarn.

Well I have a great surprise for you Friday. Thanks for stopping by. Peldor Joi!!!

Addendum 12/26/05

Scott's father donated the shipping. I have put all my yarn away, got an Etagere just for the yarn and as I walk into the bedroom it looks like a yarn store. My dream come true own my own yarn store. I just wanted t…

I sat on Santa's Lap!!!

Well, here I am, sitting on Santa's Lap. This is a different Santa, that stops in San Francisco to check on the boys. He asked me, Have you been a Good Boy this Year Andy? I was confused and my answer was a little perplexing. I responded with such innocence and the following, "Dear Santa I have been good and bad, I guess ", How can that be my boy?. I looked around as if I could get the answer from the air, and I said, " Santa I have been a bad boy, but people say that when I am really bad I am actually really good. He gave me a kiss and said you definitely look like trouble. LOL.

What do you think Santa said?
Will he bring me presents?
Do you think he Believed me?

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

My Christmas Elf Name Is!!!!

What can I tell you, My friend from BITCHZILLA got me into trying this and I thought it was hilarious. You should try it and have fun as well. I have been working on a lot of things and I am done with Heidi's legs, will post a picture later I am working on ther tail LOL. Once the tail is done I will also post a picture.

Thanks for stopping by. What do you think about my Elf Name, is very Me!!! HO Ho HO!

Christmas Elf Name

My Christmas Elf Name is Get your Christmas Elf Name at

Heidi Has New Shoes

Hello Everyone:

It is Monday and the fairy dust is falling. These are the hips (round) , front legs and paws (far left below) and the hind legs and paws. They wull get toes and it will be stuffed.

We are doing a Crochet-Along at the my great MSN Group,, it is a group that was co-founded by Scott Hooper. My friend Scott was a great human being and the designer of Dashchund Heidi Stuffed animal pattern , As he was not feeling well and complications with the old website were getting absurd.

I want to thank my friend from BITCHZILLA for his help in helping making this website look better. There Have been a lot of inspiration from his blog , you may click on his button to visit him and his madness.

So I will be working with Heidi and other stuff. I decided to get a beautiful Brittany Wooden Hook for my Airplane trip next month. I even downloaded and printed the FAA rules and regulations as of September, 2005, I am taking a copy …

One Friday in my Life Dec 05

Just in case you were wondering what's in a Friday for CraftyAndy , I got up early, 730 AM, and went to the gym, as I do on my Mon-Wed-Fri routine. I actually drag myself out as for some reason wether is the medications, old age, or AIDS or some hidden syndrome they can not diagnose, I am always tired. Going to the gym and doing some Cardio always gets my blood pumping and the energy goes up at least for 3 to 4 hours.

So after I took my lavish sulfur shower so that I don't get
weird stuff on my skin, I got dressed up. San Francisco has a mild winter, but today was around high 40s. The Hat and the sweater are made by me.

After I got dressed went to my other daily errands, the mail, the bank, the cute boy with the warm croissants, LOL, just kidding. I promised a friend of mine that I will take some pictures around and show him some of the local natives and their holiday spirit. What do you know, in the store called "Does your Mother Know" there is a display and there is a…

One Hundred Things I want to Share with You

These are facts , simple as they are of the way I look at things, they way I think. It has not always been like this, but I have grown to be a very nice man. I wish my father was as nice as I am, he would have been a great Dad, yet he was the father that he was.

I found this through the internet in a friends photo album and I thought it was worth sharing it. It is on a Starbucks Coffee Cup!

If what you say and what you do does not match, there’s a problem.I believe Justice is blind.The sun rises over good and bad people.Never take more than what you need or give more than what you have.A aspid is always an aspid it can not help but be what it is.Good Relationships are like gold pressed latinum, treasure them like the ferengui do.
Bad relationships are like a grain of sand in your eye, it still hurts after you get rid of it.Men are always men never forget that.Gossip and criticism are two different things.I believe in the inscription of the oracle of Delphi “Nothing in Excess”Self Worth i…

Post Party Fun

The party was nice, and I was glad I did not bring my knitting. I got to socialize with some of the people and found out a lot of nice things about them. My partner forgot about his depression and the night was actually very nice. They do this White Elephant , gift exchange and in that exchange you get to steal a present only twice, it can not be the same present. I came home with a flower box of silk poinsettias which was not bad at all , and a christmas motif ceramic gravy set .

The highlight of the night was this nurse lady , who was sitting besides me. She gets up and declares in a kind of not so subtle way that she will like me to watch her seat, while she goes to the bathroom and evacuates. That said and a glass of Maria's famous punch, the guy beside me asked me if what he heard was correct, then somebody else and we ended up laughing so loud that I am sure her evacuation got disturbed. Very clinical for a nurse, but funny as hell.

It reminded me of a puertorrican joke. There…

Disco Yarn

Disco Yarn from Bernat, it is a very peculiar yarn, and if you ask me it looks a lot like a christmas garland. The question is, What is cheaper, the christmas garland or the Disco Yarn?, LOL. I honestly don't care, but I am glad that Mary Maxim from thought it was necessary to include me in her mailing list and send me a free sample, I am greatfull and honored. Two skeins would have been nicier, that way I could have made a rope to pull my cow to pasture. Don't mind me, just taking some frustrations out.

I am going to a Christmas party tonight I am thinking of taking my knitting with me. There are lots of people in that bunch thatI don't really enjoy their company but that like to make small talk and if I keep busy, maybe they will ignore me, LOL. Don't worry I am very polite unless they are rude, then I just let them know their behavior is unacceptable without bitch slapping them. Gee, I am in a weird mood, but not to worry I will have a great tim…

Crafty Andy Revealed

Well if that did not grab your attention nothing will. LOL . This is my birthchart born in 4/29/60 at 11:45 AM. This will give you a window into my bare soul, so it is like being naked. I have been doing astrology since a very early age. You can say that I am constantly working through the stages and challenges that my chart shows. Nevertheless I am more than my chart.

When I lived in Orlando, (from 1994 until 1997), Tracy, Jason from, and yours trully had a radio show in the morning around 11 am to 12 noon every day for about 6 months I believe,the radio show name was "The Psychic Hour" on WOKB or WKOB AM radio and we had a great time. This will also give you another window into my soul.

I have been an avid astrologer student since the age of 15. As life cricumstances drove me to look outward . I learned about cycles, progressions, astro-cartography (how a location will affect you). and relationships. I learn that a Sun Sign is not enough information t…

Of Mole and Tres leches

I can make a mean Mole Sauce and I will have to give the credit of this accomplshment to my ex mother-in-law, Doña Lupe, from Mazatlan , in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, she taught me how to make Mole Sauce from scratch. That my friends is a lot of work , so I get mole Doña Maria and custumize it to my liking. I add salsa, olive oil and garlic to it and a enough sweetener to take the bite out of the sauce and give it a hint of sweetness. Anywhere from a 1/4 th teaspoon to a tablespoon. Why such a range? Each mole batch no matter how consistent you are will be different. The chiles pepper region, terrain and climate make the chiles taste diferent. Here of course is my Tunisian Crochet Pot Holder.

Well this was not enough I also made 4 Pastel de Tres Leches which I am going to share with some friends. I had a little bit of a challenge. I try to make everything with unrefined flour, I add fiber to things and it has a diferent texture, not really sponge like, but the flavor is excellent. H…

Completed Vest

I kind of feel like I am being squeezed between two pictures. In a way I am. This is the vest, Drew Emborski designed and I am proud to present the finished work .

I now have completed one of the works in progress I had. You can find this pattern at

I have other vest and sweater patterns and plenty of yarn to make more than two sweaters. I bought enough before the holidays to keep me busy and took advantage of free shipping.

On another note, I got a hold of this booklet 63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make an Heirloom Afghan (Leisure Arts #555). I think that anyone who is interested in learning crochet will benefit from the experience of making this afghan. I am planning to make a crochet-along for next year and post at least a Square a week, that means that by the end of 2006 we will have a completed afghan. So I will probably have to do two a week for a little bit to just make sure I can finish it by December 2006.

Our group http://grou…

Holiday Trivia

Reading my friend Regina's blog got me inspired to write in my blog tonight. You have to read her blog and see they creative spirit that comes out of those pages, enough to inspire the dead to crochet.

So here it goes inspired or copied LOL by The Holiday Version of LadyLinoleum.

The Holiday Version of CraftyAndy

1. Eggnog or Chocolate?

I agree 100 % with her, I like them both. In my old age I have a little eggnog for the holidays and that's it. Puertorrican Eggnog is like Ron Pope in Mexico, you wonder when the heat from the alcohol is going to subside. LOL. Chocolate like my yaya use to make. I miss her still 32 years after her death.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?You know there is something about wrapping presents, I like the unwrapping more than the wrapping. I use tape, and sometimes ribbons and as the 25th is arriving, presents start to show up under the tree. That's my style.3. Colored lights on tree/house o…

Joy to the Worlds

Joy to the Worlds, of Budahood that is.

About four years ago I decided to break away from all organized religion. I think that all religions are good as long as you don't personally sacrifice me or any living being in your rituals.

I am not a buddhist, yet I chant, I am not christian yet I see the Christ consciousness, I am not a skeptic, yet I believe in nothingness, I am not a Jew by religion, yet I have a Menorah, I am not a catholic, yet I see the wonders and monstroucities of the church, and not a hindi yet I see the love of life in every being. Pass me the London Broil please!

What I don't see is the needless suffering that some people put themselves through because of the holidays; AND THE NEED TO SPREAD IT AROUND!

Is it about giving? , maybe, Is it about commerce?, maybe, Is it about sharing?, maybe. I think that the most important part of the holidays is what it does mean to you at a personal level. My friend, he is so upset, because his family does not think of him enoug…

World AIDS Day 2005

I almost forgot, not accostumed to have a blog, I want to mention World AIDS day. Many of my friends are no longer in the mortal planes, but have gone to other planes of a different vibration due to AIDS.

I am glad they are no longer in pain here are some of my friends who passed on

J. Scott Hooper, you were and are such a refreshing lite in my road ahead.
Antonio Villanueva - When Antonio got drunk he will steal tips from waiters in a bar. LOL.
Rene Irizarry - I met Rene in the ARMY , we did not ask , but we did tell LOL.
Jimmy DeZinna - Rene's boyfriend in the ARMY
Lucas a very nice jewish boy
Tom my first roommate in San Francisco, he was ok, loved to travel.
Richard Corrigan, great man sober.
Carlos Mosca, you were so mean, but we loved you.
Richard Boles I loved himlike the father I did not have.
Arturo Echauri, great baker.
Miguel Angel, Enrique De la Rosa,Ariel, Tito, Mincho, Guillermo, Sergio Luques, Sergio Cordoba, Gerardo, Phillip, Rusty he loved his cocaine,Francisco such a sweet s…