Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day 2005

I almost forgot, not accostumed to have a blog, I want to mention World AIDS day. Many of my friends are no longer in the mortal planes, but have gone to other planes of a different vibration due to AIDS.

I am glad they are no longer in pain here are some of my friends who passed on

J. Scott Hooper, you were and are such a refreshing lite in my road ahead.
Antonio Villanueva - When Antonio got drunk he will steal tips from waiters in a bar. LOL.
Rene Irizarry - I met Rene in the ARMY , we did not ask , but we did tell LOL.
Jimmy DeZinna - Rene's boyfriend in the ARMY
Lucas a very nice jewish boy
Tom my first roommate in San Francisco, he was ok, loved to travel.
Richard Corrigan, great man sober.
Carlos Mosca, you were so mean, but we loved you.
Richard Boles I loved himlike the father I did not have.
Arturo Echauri, great baker.
Miguel Angel, Enrique De la Rosa,Ariel, Tito, Mincho, Guillermo, Sergio Luques, Sergio Cordoba, Gerardo, Phillip, Rusty he loved his cocaine,Francisco such a sweet soul,
And many more that I can not recall.

Personally I have AIDS, I live the present and enjoy my life to the fullest as best as I can. My health is a surprise from day to day, some days better than others. SOme days my life feels like an Indiana Jones movie, other days if feels like the Simpsons. I am not afraid of death nor am I afraid of life. I am more than my body, more than my mind, I am afraid that I am part of God and as such I am indestructible and eternal.
When I die I will leave my body because is just a shell, and should be disposed as such. I want people to celebrate the goodness that I brought to them. When I die, I will leave my body behind, I will leave my possesions, my gold teeth, my debts, my savings, my pain, my traumas, my love, my YARN, my needles, my dvds, did I say My YARN, my tears, my diets, my skull caps, I will not take any material things with me, but my soul and spirit.

When I die I will join Scott in crocheting the clouds for a while, when you see a cloud that looks like a bunny, that's me. When I come back I want to be able to come and live in the Star Trek Universe, where famine is gone, homelessness is gone, poverty is eliminated. Well maybe you think I am just an optimist, or maybe someone who has high hopes. I do believe it is possible to erradicate hunger, homelessness, poverty, disease and more. The human spirit has its wonders.

One thing is for sure, the Vast ever expanding Universe that humankind shares is the most wonderful place to be. I want to explore space and travel from planet to planet and meet crocheters and knitters from all species. They say Terellians have four hands, can they whip a sweater in an instant or what. Anyway, I want to close this blog entry with a good feeling.

Like in my puertorrican plus blog entry I am more than the physical, and noone will take away what I have gained in happiness. My loving spirit is undestructible, and eternal and goes beyond the physical bounds of my body Anyway don't let anyone take the wind out of your sail. Love with all your heart, love with all your being and express your love and creativity. Remember that Nothing Outside of Yourself is tied to your Self Worth. Your Self worth is not related to anything that you posses, buy, give, know, love, steal, borrow, look at, learn et cetera, but of the essence of who you are, a uniquely you.

Peldor Joi!


none said...

A true reminder to live. I would like to be optimistic in thinking that there will be a cure for AIDS. Keep knitting and crocheting and doing the things that bring joy and peace to your spirit. :)

Squishybear said...

What a beautiful and touching post, thank you so much for sharing it with us all. :)

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