Friday, December 02, 2005

Joy to the Worlds

Joy to the Worlds, of Budahood that is.

About four years ago I decided to break away from all organized religion. I think that all religions are good as long as you don't personally sacrifice me or any living being in your rituals.

I am not a buddhist, yet I chant, I am not christian yet I see the Christ consciousness, I am not a skeptic, yet I believe in nothingness, I am not a Jew by religion, yet I have a Menorah, I am not a catholic, yet I see the wonders and monstroucities of the church, and not a hindi yet I see the love of life in every being. Pass me the London Broil please!

What I don't see is the needless suffering that some people put themselves through because of the holidays; AND THE NEED TO SPREAD IT AROUND!

Is it about giving? , maybe, Is it about commerce?, maybe, Is it about sharing?, maybe. I think that the most important part of the holidays is what it does mean to you at a personal level. My friend, he is so upset, because his family does not think of him enough, because they give him a gift certificate, because they don't appreciate his gifts. I told him to give me the gifts that are thoughtless and I will spend them or find them a home.

I guess it is because I am puertorrican at heart, we love parties and gifts. Do you know that we celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December, then the Epiphanyon January 6th, twice as many gifts for those fortunate enough. On the Epiphany you get a shoe box and fill it with cut grass, no not that kind of grass, and you put the box under your bed with a bowl of water. It is for the camels, or in puertorrican folklore the horses. In the morning the Kings have left gifts under the bed? Talking about the tooth fairy being a cheapo. LOL. Oh and we don't have a tooth fairy, it is actually a mouse o ratoncito that leaves the money under the pillow. The festivities do not stop there. You will know that there are 8 days following the Kings visitation to the holy child, that people still have parties and drinking, we love the dringking part too, it's called "Las Octavitas" .

When I give a gift, I honestly don't expect a thank you card, not that it is proper you know. In reality giving is about you expressing something. I don't give what I don't want to give, and if I receive something I don't want, I am sure someone else can benefit from what I got. I will never make a sacrifice to buy a gift. So my friend year after year goes in pain, because of this. Finally this year , actually yesterday I told him. I asked? "What do you care about Christmas? Aren't you a Budhist? Well he got upset and told me I was being mean. I said why will a non christian care wether there is even a christmas holiday. My God if at your age you still in that space, then make yourself miserable on your own time or JUST GROW UP!!!!

It's no secret that I do not tolerate self-pity and self-worthlessness issues for too long. I give a gift because I want to give, because it is in my heart to give, sometimes you feel you need to give, but always give with a happy heart. It is nice to receive as well, but I need so little, that a card is enough, a thank you is enough and if I don't get that, maybe, just maybe I will rethink my gift giving to you the next time. LOL.

I was not going to write today, but the many voices in my head were in consortium and allowed me to come up with something to write today. Actually I can not allow it to go without sharing in this season of sharing, it was too important. Just make sure that if you get a gift certificate that your uncaring family sent you and you don't want it, e-mail me and I will give you my mailing address so that you can send it to me. I will make sure those uncaring people get their monies' worth, and I will be thinking of you while I spend it. NEVER GIVE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO, BUT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO! I just don't get it and in the meantime why do you want to make everyone share your misery? I guess it goes like if I am not happy nobody should be? Give me a break dude! I have empathy for him, don't get me wrong, but after offering unsolicited advice for 4 holiday seasons, I get tired of him suffering and not following my advice, that was given freely and without asking, but I had too, my mental health depended on it. Don't let anyone steal the wing beneath your wings.

Joy to the World , we are open for business! Peldor Joi!


Calvin said...

Tell it like it is!!

~drew emborsky~ said...

Go dude!!! Woo HOO!

City Wiccan said...

your ideas about religion are interesting. I've often thought about this too. I heard something interesting the other day . . . a woman said that she is "culturally muslim" and that she doesn't believe in the muslim faith anymore even though she was brought up with it. I thought that was interesting . . . having been brought up a Christian and not believing anymore . . . I still feel this weird attachment to the church . . . and then I realized . . .that's it. I'm "culturally Christian".

LadyLinoleum said...

Great post! I am in 100% agreement with you. And hey, we can go shopping together...

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