Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holiday News in November 2005

Contrary to popular belief, I do know how to knit as well.

The problems are when I knit, it is limited by my carpal tunnel syndrome pain, or my neuropathy, take your pick, grrrr! It is not fun. When one or the other takes over, then I can actually knit in spurts and by timing myself. There is no way around it.

I was trying to teach my friend Scott how to knit. http://grannyguy.blogspot.com/ Grannyguy wanted to learn how to knit, and I tried to teach him with the help of a webcam. I think we laughed more than he learned. He was a great student and I had him make the first cast on stitch at least once. I was only able to show him two times. We laughed too much and had to stop.

I learned to knit in 1988 when I got sick and needed to stay in bed for a month or so. I would have gone crazy. I am a Taurus with a Leo rising and a Gemini moon, and that Gemini needs to be occupied, well the Taurus does not like the idea of just doing nothing either. I decided to teach myself how to knit. That was on the Fall of 1988, I made a sweater that I wore for a New Year's Party, turquoise and black I remember, vertical lines of course. I learned to knit on my own and have created lots of nice sweaters , scarfs. I tried to do socks, but got frustrated, and I guess I did not have as much time as I do now that I am retired by disability, to patiently do it.

I will try to make socks later on either by crochet or knit. Well here is my scarf which I think will look terrific once is done. I am making the pattern as I go. I thought a cable in the middle will be something cute. I may crochet a border around, I don't know yet. On the other hand I am making another vest from http://thecrochetdude.blogspot.com/that will be done sometime in the next two weeks, as I am modifying the pattern to fit me. I am a little bigger than his original model. LOL. This is my Xmas Tree, and I already have 9 presents under it, I shopped early, or made my presents early, then I wrap them as I go.

I am now in charge of two groups in the internet. I am excited beyond belief as these two groups have been entrusted to me.


So if you are interested stop by the groups and join, you will see how much fun we can have.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my blogs, I think I have created as many as 7, but here are the most important ones in blogger. You should visit http://bajoranbear.blogspot.com/ and tell me what you think, maybe not LOL. It has all been made possible by the aid that Scott Hooper, Grannyguy , offered me , so what best tribute than this fun sites to remember our friendship and love. Oh before I forget , I am reading some books which I will give a critique later on, they are books for crocheting. Have a great day, tomorrow is hump day the week is almost over. LOL.


LadyLinoleum said...

Such a talented guy! Bummer about the carpel tunnel. Sure makes your desire to get things knit up difficult.

I've not had time to spot by crochet depot yet but I will. I did join though. So I am at least up to speed there.

The holidays are kicking my butt!

Squishybear said...

hehehe .. I tried to teach myself to knit once but it was just too slow for me. I need instant gratification dammit! :-P

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