Friday, November 25, 2005

ThanksGiving is, was, and went Here!

Welcome to the Holidays!
Hi everyone, The holidays have been a little rough this year, with the passing of my friend Scott, but here in his honor I am doing what I do best, living life to the fullest. LOL.

I have set up my table for the holidays all hand made, watch out Martha Stewart. I have also set up my tree, isn't it gorgeous, I used all my stuffed animals for decorations.
Do you recognize anyone? This year I dediced that I was going to keep the xmas decorations boxes, even the tree box upstairs. I wrapped them as if they were gifts, you can see Eeyore sitting on top of the xmas tree box. So I did this on Thanksgiving day, and I even had time to bake a Pumkin Cheesecake
which was delicious, the crust is made out of ground almonds. It is a success. I actually made two, one for home.

Remember the black N silver pot holders , well they were for my friends Javier and Bob. We had thanksgiving dinner at their beautiful home. He wants more pot holders, because they match their kitchen perfectly.

So here we are giving thanks for life and for the ability to be alive in our beautiful country of ours. Their home is like a museum no matter where they haved lived.

So here are from the left, Bob is at the head of the table, followed to the left by yours trully, then Mike , Javier at the other end, then Albert and Richard. The meal was magnificent, and we were very greatful for having such an extended family available and be able to give thanks.

Thanks you for stopping by, and may the Holiday Spirit fill you with joy, good health and happiness. Remember to get a gift for yourself, I already have three. Peldor Joi!


Squishybear said...

What a beautiful table. Looks like everyone really enjoyed the holiday and all the good food! :D

LadyLinoleum said...

Look at how beautiful your table looks! I need to make, functional though. I might break my hook. LOL

Your tree looks fab too and the the pumpkin cheesecake! Amazing Andy!

Looks like you had a wonderful T-day. Fabulous!

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