Thursday, December 15, 2005

One Hundred Things I want to Share with You

These are facts , simple as they are of the way I look at things, they way I think. It has not always been like this, but I have grown to be a very nice man. I wish my father was as nice as I am, he would have been a great Dad, yet he was the father that he was.

I found this through the internet in a friends photo album and I thought it was worth sharing it. It is on a Starbucks Coffee Cup!

  1. If what you say and what you do does not match, there’s a problem.
  2. I believe Justice is blind.
  3. The sun rises over good and bad people.
  4. Never take more than what you need or give more than what you have.
  5. A aspid is always an aspid it can not help but be what it is.
  6. Good Relationships are like gold pressed latinum, treasure them like the ferengui do.
  7. Bad relationships are like a grain of sand in your eye, it still hurts after you get rid of it.
  8. Men are always men never forget that.
  9. Gossip and criticism are two different things.
  10. I believe in the inscription of the oracle of Delphi “Nothing in Excess”
  11. Self Worth is personal and not related to anything you posses, buy, sell, love, steal, learn, get, give, wear, hear or say, you get my point.
  12. Self loathing is useless.
  13. Self pity is useless.
  14. Never be afraid to Speak up.
  15. Don’t be afraid to create waves.
  16. Cowards have no honor.
  17. Keep an open mind.
  18. Women are sentient valuable beings
  19. You will be judged in the way you judge.
  20. Prejudice is unacceptable, it will touch you back one day.
  21. AIDS sucks!
  22. Alcohol is a drug and a poison, will you freshen my drink please.
  23. Coffee is good in moderation
  24. The kettle can not call the cauldron black.
  25. Organized Religion is for crowd control.
  26. Pick up two pieces of trash everyday.
  27. Do not litter.
  28. If you Sexually harass me I will grade you.
  29. Be careful what you wish for you may get it.
  30. Short men are beautiful.
  31. The taller you are the longer it takes to pump blood to your brain.
  32. Our brain is mostly fat, don’t starve it.
  33. hairy men are beautiful.
  34. bald men are beautiful.
  35. men are beautiful.
  36. Latin is not the language spoken by Latinos.
  37. Ignorance is daring.
  38. Part of my father’s family came to the Americas in the 1500’s.
  39. There is ONLY ONE Spanish language that all Spanish speaking people speak.
  40. Rudeness is unnecessary.
  41. The best birth control is abstinence.
  42. Don’t be ashamed of your body it will respond accordingly.
  43. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
  44. You cannot give what you don’t possess.
  45. You cannot have what you deny to yourself.
  46. I am an equal to everyone.
  47. I am not arrogant, but I am shy.
  48. Learn to listen and you will make lots of friends.
  49. Eat sugar in moderation.
  50. Eat wholesome foods.
  51. Be mindful of the kind of language and words that come out of your mouth.
  52. There is beauty everywhere.
  53. Don’t say all that comes to your mind, but mind all that you say.
  54. Never live wondering what if.
  55. Exercise in moderation.
  56. I never Forget, it’s a curse.
  57. Wrong me more than twice and you are out.
  58. If You betray my trust , I doubt you get it back.
  59. With the truth no one manipulates you.
  60. human have an animal instinct.
  61. I will like to learn Mandarin , Hebrew and Greek.
  62. Child molesters should be neutered.
  63. Trust the Universe and whoever you call God.
  64. Faith is real.
  65. Love conquers everything, but bad relationships never work.
  66. What I want and what I need sometimes is not the same.
  67. I love filberts.
  68. I don’t like liver.
  69. Whoever is without sin, let him or her throw the first stone.
  70. Jesus was a Jewish man!
  71. As long as you don’t tell me what it is, I will likely eat it LOL.
  72. Money is an illusion.
  73. When you die you will take nothing with you.
  74. Live without regrets.
  75. I set my watch 10 minutes ahead, if people comment about it, I tell them I come from the future.
  76. I love Café Mochas.
  77. I like my steak dead and well done.
  78. I don’t belong to any religion,
  79. I believe in a higher power.
  80. If you are in a hurry , please wake up 30 minutes before I do.
  81. If you are mean to your children, remember you will get old some day.
  82. Condescending comments say a lot about our inadequacies.
  83. Tell me what you pretend to be and I will tell you what you don’t have.
  84. Earth is not the only populated planet in the universe.
  85. Aliens do not have the right to anally probe you.
  86. Still waters run deep, I am an example of that.
  87. Friendships are like bank accounts, shop around for the best interest.
  88. I see dead people.
  89. I love myself despite my imperfections.
  90. Education is freedom.
  91. For every rule there is an exception, be conscious.
  92. There’s no free lunch in life.
  93. The law of action and reaction is always in motion.
  94. No matter where you go there you are.
  95. Life is not black or white.
  96. Nothing is permanent in life.
  97. I love to crochet.
  98. I love to knit.
  99. I love chocolate.
  100. The whole universe is not against you, don''t flatter youself.


Calvin said...

Thanks for sharing, Andy. Many of those spoke to me and I also believe many of those to be true also.

Jay said...

Good list... honest, funny and true!

LadyLinoleum said...

Awesome! You are a wonderful human being my friend.

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