Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Post Party Fun

The party was nice, and I was glad I did not bring my knitting. I got to socialize with some of the people and found out a lot of nice things about them. My partner forgot about his depression and the night was actually very nice. They do this White Elephant , gift exchange and in that exchange you get to steal a present only twice, it can not be the same present. I came home with a flower box of silk poinsettias which was not bad at all , and a christmas motif ceramic gravy set .

The highlight of the night was this nurse lady , who was sitting besides me. She gets up and declares in a kind of not so subtle way that she will like me to watch her seat, while she goes to the bathroom and evacuates. That said and a glass of Maria's famous punch, the guy beside me asked me if what he heard was correct, then somebody else and we ended up laughing so loud that I am sure her evacuation got disturbed. Very clinical for a nurse, but funny as hell.

It reminded me of a puertorrican joke. There is this lawyer that marries this puertorrican hillbillie, whose education is not like the lawyer's education. There were no problems until she had to go to the bathroom in a public function, she excused herself and said" Excuse me I need to Piss". The lawyer afterwards asked her to the side and explained to her that you did not say that outloud, instead you said you needed to powder your nose. She was so glad that she was coming up in the world and learning about society rules. She would practice in front of the mirror everyday. Another party came by and the lawyer was happy that this time she will say the correct and proper statement when she needed to go to the bathroom, she is powdering her nose instead of pissing, so here it comes , she interrupts the conversation and says " Excuse me I need to powder my nose ... and she hesitated ... if I take too long is because I am taking a dump" LOL.

Well thanks for stopping by. I hope your day goes well and that we get to chat some more this week, it's a busy one. Peldor Joi!


Calvin said...

That was funny about the nurse. Okay, I'll bite, when is a Puerto Rican considered to be a "hillbillie?"

LadyLinoleum said...

Definitely not subtle. Glad you had fun!

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