Monday, December 12, 2005

Disco Yarn

Disco Yarn from Bernat, it is a very peculiar yarn, and if you ask me it looks a lot like a christmas garland. The question is, What is cheaper, the christmas garland or the Disco Yarn?, LOL. I honestly don't care, but I am glad that Mary Maxim from thought it was necessary to include me in her mailing list and send me a free sample, I am greatfull and honored. Two skeins would have been nicier, that way I could have made a rope to pull my cow to pasture. Don't mind me, just taking some frustrations out.

I am going to a Christmas party tonight I am thinking of taking my knitting with me. There are lots of people in that bunch thatI don't really enjoy their company but that like to make small talk and if I keep busy, maybe they will ignore me, LOL. Don't worry I am very polite unless they are rude, then I just let them know their behavior is unacceptable without bitch slapping them. Gee, I am in a weird mood, but not to worry I will have a great time tonight, maybe even without my knitting!

I can tell you this much, my significant other is depressed, and he will be depressed through the holidays, even though he is not christian. This has a way of taking a told even on me, I get tired of dealing with a senseless depression. It bothers me, I don't really have the energy or patience to deal with someone like that anymore, I have kind of gotten tired of it, but there will be the new year and something will be different. I will be different as I will have a direction unlike in the past.

Secretly I am thining of getting a tattoo, and I may come back from my vacation with one tattoo. Well you never know it may happen, it will signify my new spiritual path. Peldor Joi!


Cheryl:) said...

Andy...I got a bright aqua!! I was thinking the same thing!!! -- tree garland!!! It ended up as a crocheted scarf!! And it did take 2 balls...fortunately (and mysteriously :wink: my father got the bright aqua too!!! (All he said is "why the hell would these people be sending me yarn??") It wasn't the easiest stuff to work with... I definitely probably (howze that for a solid answer) won't buy it, although it might be nice and jazzy on a purse or something.

Jerry said...

(sniffle...snifle) I got left out and didn't get a ball of that but HOLY CROW, that label looks like an old K-Tell disco record LOL! Next year I'll buy a ball of that to trim my little tree instead of that mylar spaghetti crap that got all over the floors. LOL!

Hope you had fun at the party Andy!

LadyLinoleum said...

I see you got the brown stuff too! They must have had too much of that laying around.

Hey, I didn't get my first tattoo until I was 30. I love it. My husband thinks it's dumb, but I don't care.

Get a tat! I'm all for it.

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