Friday, December 23, 2005

I present you Heidi the Wonder Weiner

Hello and welcome to my Friday entry for this week. Maybe not the last one, LOL. Heidi the Wonder Weiner was Scott Hooper designed stuffed animal. Finishing her pattern has given me a little bit more closure as to the physical loss of my friend.

Scotts pattern is very clever and I think can be made in many colors. The dog is stuffed with polyfil and as we were discussing the stuffing, we decided to use a sock or stocking of the color of the dog or yarn that you choose to make Heidi of.

A boy and his dreams. We men never stop being boys, I think woman must talk about their little girl inside of them, even though some peoiple have a little girl and a little boy inside them, I guess it gets crowded inside our beings. LOL.

I got to take this picture of Heidi , and it looks like she is sitting down. I was able to give her pads on her paws, the pattern did not call for that. Anyone interested in the pattern , please contact me and I will email you the PDF format file. It is not a hard pattern to make, but definitely not for beginers.

Here is a back view of Heidi as she was running away to get her mealbone cookie. I will definitely make another Heidi. I hope to make her in different colors. Thank you for stopping buy and for taking a look at Heidi. This is part of Scott's legacy and I want people to have the pattern for free, it is a nice thing to do in his name.

There is so much craziness about the Holidays, that people forget the fun part of it . Who bought what, who got what, who did not get anything, who thanked me for the gift, who was not greatful and so on. The joy of making a child smile is equivalent to happiness. Remember to treasure children and to encourage their creative and wonderous spirit. Children are living beings that remember everything you tell them or do to them, consciously or unconsciously. Remember that how you raise your children will shape their lifes and the way their children and children's children will grow up. If you want to create change and stop the insanity of how you grew up, now is the time. Learn to discipline without brute force, and remember that sometimes children need to be spanked, and do not abuse your children it is wrong.

I will like to end this note by saying that I am proud of my sister and they way she raised her children. It was different from our parents and it promoted, tolerance, creativity, respect and an open mind.


Calvin said...

Andy, Heidi turned but cute and wonderful. Great work on it. From the looks of it, Scott was a great designer and it's a same that he's no longer with us. It just goes to show you how this disease takes away people way, way before their time. I'm sure that Scott would have accomplished great things in his life had not been cut short. Here's to Scott and his talent and to you for your tribute to him with your talent.

Cheryl:) said...

Heidi is adorable!!! I wish I had gotten to know Scott.

LadyLinoleum said...

Awesome puppers!

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