Friday, December 30, 2005

A list to ponder and wonder 2005-2006

After reading my friend's blog , , entry about resolutions and reflections I realized that I would not mind sharing the same with you. First of all let me tell you that failing to achieve any of them is not a failure, they will be moved or modified or reevaluated. I find no value in beating myself over the head for things impossible or unrealistic expectations or for most anything. In life you need to learn to adapt and change. Being a Taurus life is good if it is predictable, steady and routine. Besides being a Taurus there is more to my chart and I like change and I like challenges once in a while, it keeps life interesting.

When I look at certain things in life I look at the whole value of the ideal then I proceed to see if I am actually asking myself to fail or just postponing the inevitable. My motto in 2006 more than ever will be "Simplify life", almost like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, but different. I am not afraid of living nor of embracing death. The fictional characters of Star Trek, the Klingons say that the body is just a shell. I believe that. My vision of God is very diferent, and sometimes I am afraid to even think of God, because I do not want to limit God or the Gods to my limited human brain perception. I can accept that my mind is too limited to try to define God or the Gods at all. I never forget the first time I heard the word Gods, it was at UC Berkeley 's International House Dorm, it was a comment from a guy from India in which he used the word Gods. At first I kind of got a shock, but I realized that this man came from a completely different Continent, culture and lifestyle, to him the Gods where as real as anyone else 's God, welcome to the real world where his culture has been around as long or longer than mine. Namaste.

Now coming back to this day I have lots of desires, lots of goal, lots of wants and few needs. I want to take care of all my needs next year, get some of my want items and fulfill some desires and have some goals attained. So here are some of the things I am including. They are not in order of desire or priority, and some may be replaced by new ones, you never know what is after the river's bend. So here I go , I hope you get inspired, as did I, after reading my friends list:
  1. Enhance my health some more in 2006, since 2003 my health has changed and it has it challenges. Being stable is my goal for 2006.
  2. Travel outside California at least twice.
  3. Make new friends with more crafty people that either crochet or knit. I started in 2005 and have made a lot of new acquaintanships and friendships.
  4. Make granny squares and some Afghans for charities in memory of my friend Scott, using his yarn. I may be able to make many, we shall see how it goes.
  5. Be financially more independant at many levels. I have been working on that.
  6. Make two sweaters , one crochet , one cable knit.
  7. Read at least one book a month.
  8. Be more assertive.
  9. Want to meditate more.
  10. Visualize with caution and precise intent.
  11. Renew my love and commitment to life and myself.
  12. Pick up two pieces of trash a day.
  13. Have a laughing time every day.
  14. Get a tattoo , picture above, Klingon, Heart and Honor.
  15. Continue my excercise routine.
  16. Enjoy nature some more.
  17. Have a healthy fantasy life. LOL.
  18. Be more tolerant of people.
  19. Disarm anger in my life.
  20. Continue calling family often, I already call them twice a week.
  21. Compliment people more.
  22. Speak my mind even if I have to apologize later.
  23. Smile more often it makes people wonder.
  24. Watch Battlestar Galactica religously.
  25. Start a Crochet Group at the SF LGTB Center.
  26. Deepen my Astrology practice.
  27. Renew part of my wardrobe.
  28. Pay down my debts, I have cut down my debts in half already.
  29. Start setting goals for when I am 50.
  30. Honor all my relations.
  31. Speak to the wind.
  32. Embrace the four points.
  33. Embrace change and bend like a sheet of Tallgrass.
  34. Go to a nude beach and be nude and experience freedom.
  35. Keep paying in cash as much as possible.
  36. Love my body.
  37. Take baths once a month, it's a luxury to take baths.
  38. Learn to cook more with Stevia.
  39. Try some new fruit or vegetable I never tried before.
  40. Express my love for all my relations.
My life is very simple due to circumstances in my life. I am not a complainer by nature, but I do have my life in as much order as possible. I enjoy organized chaos LOL, it is how I will describe life at best. I will live life to the fullest and share my experiences with all people, my friends and aqcuaintances as well. The year 2005 leaves me very humble and very honor to be among all the people who I know. May we have a great and abundant 2006 full of joy, good health, happiness, abundance, sex, chocolate, and maybe if the Gods are kind enough there will be a cure for some diseases and maybe a vaccine for AIDS. I am hoping that famine will be no more, hunger will end, homelessness will be a thing of the past. Peace and joy to all on Earth and in any other planets. May the Gods of Kobol and the Prophets of Bajor smile on us once more.

Until Next year with all my love Andrés aka Andy says hasta la vista Baby.


Lulu said...

great resolutions...I bid you good luck and a very Happy New Year...

Jerry said...

A very happy New Year to you Andy! I tried smiling more often too, people just asked if I was drunk LOL! Here's to a wonderful 2006 for you! (raising my Absinthe and toasting to Andy)

LadyLinoleum said...

Ah ha! You have 40 too! And good ones at that!

Wishing you much love and good creative vibes as you travel your path to your goals!

Crafty Andy said...

I am hoping to get this tattoo before my birthdate yeah!

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