Of Mole and Tres leches

I can make a mean Mole Sauce and I will have to give the credit of this accomplshment to my ex mother-in-law, Doña Lupe, from Mazatlan , in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, she taught me how to make Mole Sauce from scratch. That my friends is a lot of work , so I get mole Doña Maria and custumize it to my liking. I add salsa, olive oil and garlic to it and a enough sweetener to take the bite out of the sauce and give it a hint of sweetness. Anywhere from a 1/4 th teaspoon to a tablespoon. Why such a range? Each mole batch no matter how consistent you are will be different. The chiles pepper region, terrain and climate make the chiles taste diferent. Here of course is my Tunisian Crochet Pot Holder.

Well this was not enough I also made 4 Pastel de Tres Leches which I am going to share with some friends. I had a little bit of a challenge. I try to make everything with unrefined flour, I add fiber to things and it has a diferent texture, not really sponge like, but the flavor is excellent. Here is one of the four I made yesterday soaking in its sauce. I had a piece last nite and what a treat. Thanks for stopping by and we shall have more news later on this week. Peldor joi!


Unknown said…
OMG I LOVE mole! You're right too, it always tastes different from batch to batch. And I LOVE tres leches cake too! I'll be there at 6:00 for dinner. LOL
KnittyDude said…
I've never had mole,but want to try it. What's the dif between the brown and the gren? I've seen both.
I also need to learn to read coz at first I thought leches was leeches! LOL!!!
~drew emborsky~ said…
I usually add some Abuelita chocolate to my Dona Maria... I like the added cinnamony/chocolatey touch...

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