Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Winter 2006 Hat #1

Here is one of my Winter Hats. It will be accompanied by a scarf that I am working on. It is a combination of 5 kinds of yarn. It has regular Red Heart, Paton's Divine, Lionbrand Mohair, and two wool blends. The texture is amazing, the pattern is made as I work on it. One of the secrets of making this kind of pattern is to decide the number of stitches between your points in the graphic. I actually did not know what it was going to look like until I was past the beginning of the black triangles.

The band around the head was made inspirationally as I was crocheting. Tto make it very unique and one of a kind. I am working on the Scarf, I will be done sometime soon, but no promises , LOL, that it will be done by the week's end. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Socks Oct 06 Collage

This is my latest project to make socks. I have been trying to make socks for a long time, but as I said before, kniting socks is not really my forté. One of the most essential parts of assembling your materials for the socks is the yarn. What kind of yarn will you use. Which colors? Do you want natural, or do you want some of it to be part synthetic . Remember it will be on your feet. LOL.

Here is the legend to my collage, enjoy!

1 LINDALPACA is 100% alpaca wool, but the Angelina Yarn (light Color) is 85 acrylic. Time will tell if I made the right choice.

2. You can see the ribbed tube of the sock being made.

3. You can see that my hand fits easily without being too tight, when finished.

4. You can see the heel starting to be made.

5. and 6. The sock completed.

7. Modeling the sock.

The socks are not hard to make. This is actually one of the easiest pattern that I found in the internet. The yarn is very thin so I used double strands. I will say that If you have never tried to make socks you should try a Christmas Stocking first, then you will see all the steps in BIG , so that you can follow, improvise et cetera when you do a smaller version. Still you want to make a regular pair of socks, then give this pattern a try. I enjoeyed making this sock and look forward to make more in the future. I love trying new things and evolve in my craft.

I got the pattern from http://www.crochetandknitting.com/mensock.htm

Thanks for stopping by. Come back later on. I am working on a Winter Hat, Scarf Combo for that transition between fall and winter. It can be quite cold here in Northern California.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Socks come in pairs, Oct 06

I have been very interested in making socks, just for the fact that it is something nice to make , specially if you make them as a gift.

Not long ago, I did my forst attempt at kniting socks, but besides being interesting, kniting socks is not for me, Even though there is a cricular needle technique that I may try some day, but definitely not this year. I bought this yarn at a garage sale. It is alpaca wool. Lots and lots of yarn for little money!

I think this is an idea that all of us like to pursue, free yarn or almost free yarn. I may make a knitted or crochet scarf with this yarn I will decide before the weekend is over. I am also planning to make a hat with it. Lots of good use for wool, specially alpaca wool.

Here comes the beginning of the turning of the heel in another color. I think it is a cute combination. This has been a great experience for me as I see myself growing in my craft. Once I got done making a big Christmas Stocking, I decided it was time to give a smaller size stocking a try and I am still working on making a sock, At this step you see the tube is already done. Making the big object allowed me to understand the steps in making a sock, the parts of a sock and the intrinsic stitches that makes a sock a unique garment.

I used LINDALPACA Peruvian alpaca wool 50gr skeins and the other yarn is Reynolds Angelina 40 gr 13%Mohair , 87% acryl. I think it means acrylic. This Angelina yarn is made in Switzerland so I am sure it is expensive LOL. Maybe not. Thanks for stopping by and remember there is another sock to be made after this one. LOL.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fall Collage for my New Designed Hat Oct 06

This is the end product of one of my fall hats. This is my own © design. I have more hats coming and some crocheted socks. This hat was made with aurora 8 from Karabella yarns, it is 100% merino wool and it is very nice to wear. I carried the two colors throught most of the work. It was a very fun hat to make,. CraftyAndrito's original. Anyway thanks for stopping by I have more hats in the making, I may even dare to knit one on Lamb's Prode wool, but I have to do it while I am in the mood for knitting LOL. See you soon!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Some hats for the Fall of 2006

This hat is made with 100 % Merino Wool . The yarn is aurora 8 from Karabella Yarns. The texture of the wool is amazing. I did not know how great merino wool was. I was testing a patern for a fellow crocheter Deneen and my inspiration to make fall hats came from there.
Making men skull caps is one of my hobbies as Ilike to keep my head shaved, but protected from the elements LOL. So my skull caps where born, some made of cotton, some made of wool.

This particular Skull Cap is mainly made in double crochet all around. There are three part to the hat. The upper part is made in the variegated colored yarn, then the middle that has more green in it was made by alternating yarns every other dc . The the bottom as you see is made with the variegated yarn once more. It has three FPdc or (front post double crochet) rows .

I make Front Post dc in two ways it depends how I feel the look will affect the way the hat looks. One of the ways is to yarn over the hook and then decide if you are going to insert the hook in the main dc stitch or post, or at the top of the stitch above the post. Since the two areas of the dc (double crochet ) are actually separated, I found that you can make them differently if you wish. Using the lower part will give you a tighter stitch than using the top. I finished the hat with a reverse sc row.

A reverse sc? Well is a sc (single crochet) that you will be making from left to right. I really like this termination, because it actually gives you a sense that the item is finished in my opinion.

This is the second hat that I am making as I go using the same materials as above Merino Wool. I do not know how this hat will end . Definitely you will have the finished product showing here. There are so many posibilities for this hat. You can invert the color and shape and create a mosaic like hat. You can invert the triangle and finish it in diamond shapes with either a green or an orange triangle ,one or two colors edge, ar and edge that each stitch the color is being alternated. Well creativity is almost boundless. Too many ideas, let's finish one and show it to you. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What's a Tombie, it is a ....

A Tombie is a tomatoe zombie and more than that a Psycho tomatoe.
At the mystery Crochet along every week a part of the pattern is disclosed. I take extreme care not to reveal parts of the pattern that let you know what youy are working on.

I try to choose patterns that can be made in worsted weight yarn. Sometimes I go around the internet and asked designers to join my group or to allow me to use their patterns for a Mystery Crochet Along, or MCAL as we called them. This are always fun in my opinion.

Where you might ask? Well very simple.
At http://groups.msn.com/crochetdepot we have been blessed as one of our designer members has allowed us to have a Mystery Crochet Pattern to share for October.

The designer is Regina Rioux Gonzalez from http://monstercrochet.com and you can also find her and her creations when you visit her blogsite at http://monstercrochet.blogspot.com

I finished the pattern and thought nothing of it. I put the tomatoe with other fruits and vegetables. As you can see the pineapple coarse core and her spikes protect her from the evil one eye monster. How could I have missed the fact that there were knives close by. I thought nothing of it, but I think I may have been wrong.

Here is proof from my hidden camera as the Tombie was looking all inocent , but in reality it was extending it's tentacles toward one of the knives . Did you see it blinking? Of course you may have missed the evil eye monster with his long lashes, perpetrating the hideous crime to the unsuspecting fruit. Which fruit do you think got attacked?

It was not too bad, IHere you see the unsuspecting Granny Apple being attacked, I could do
nothing to help her . Her destiny became clear as I saw a jar of peanut butter close by. Once it was cut up in pieces, it was chow time for me. That's right this tomatoe to save itself , it will sacrifice all other fruits and vegetables. He will serve them on a plate for you, just like that.

Now out of the drama I can tell you, that I have had such a great time following this pattern. The designer, Ladylinoleoum, as she is known in the artistic circles, is a superp designer who is also a
"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" artist and great friend. I know Regina through the Internet. Some day we shall have Hot Chocolate and Churros. Go and visit her site and see if you find a pattern or two that you may like to buy. I know I will do that before the month ends. Thank You Regina! You are loved con todo mi corazón.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Halloween Napkins

Today I got a second package from Vampira. It was spooky and I proceeded with caution. Will there be spiders coming out, or maybe a bat. It was a trick or treat bag, humongous in size, I will be taken candy from the children this year Mwahahahaha! There were some friendship notes as well.

Today as crafty as I am, it was decided to use the fabric that she has given me and make napkins for the season. Halloween Napkins, perfect for the eery dinner, or that unexpected quiet moment. Great conversation started or maybe it will end your conversation . Alas here they are my new Napkins courtesy of Vampira.

Thanks for stopping by, maybe I will see you after midnight?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Halloween From Vampira

I had a smelly package that arrived at my gates, It smelled good and of spices of fall. There where fabrics with spiders and monsters and such,so wonderfully scaryy is all! There were yarns and chocolates and a pattern to match, scary stickers and a headless ghost, well not so headless. A hideouos tie a washcloth and soap, maybe I need a bath after all that chocolate. The coasters were delicious, was I not suppose to eat them? AH! the Yarn made from the scalp of Aliens. Mixed knuckles in a can for the snack creature I have. MWAHAHAHA

Fangs to Vampira My exchange Partner

Places I have Been!

Don't let this fool you I have been very busy. I have plenty of crafty items in the making.
I am revamping as well
We are ready to Celebrate our first anniversary WOOHOO!

At CrochetDepot we are accepting applications by referral, it is a private group, if you saw it in my blog please refer to this posting. If a friend is recommending you they can email me to let me know.
Thanks for stopping by.

I got this from Cheryl's Blog
and Cheryl got it from Deneen's Blog

These are the countries that I have visited

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Handcrafted Christmas Stocking

As you can see I have been busy with Christmas items already. You need to get a good head start otherwise the Holidays will be upon you before you know it. This Stocking is made with Red Heart Yarn and is adorned with river pearls. What I like about making this stocking is that it has given me a window into making socks. It is not hard, but it is not that easy either. I have the yarn for socks and the hooks, let's see when I start making my own socks. LOL.

I have been working on my quilting techniques and it is a learning experience. Getting to know your sewing machine is paramount if you want to be successful in aiding yourself in your quilting experience. Some things may have to be done by hand , because your machine can not handle it's thickness.

Thanks for stopping by and come back again.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My first actual charm

Here it is my first Charm. The items before you are the ergonomic cutter, the self healing mat and a square ruler. You will notice a pair of scissors and the 5.5 " Charm is in the middle.

I have been sewing since I was around 10 years of age. It was a fascinating machine to me then. It is a great machine to master. I will say that cutting fabric with this ergonomic cutter is a breeze. I was given warnings and hints on how to cut with this cutter, so that I will still have my fingers intact at the end of the cutting. You can cut 6 or more layers of fabric with this cutters without much excitement. That my friends is a sharp blade in my book.

I am in a Round Robin of sorts where I send a charm and my charm is complemented by adding a FAT (A FAT is a piece of fabric 18" by 22") to it three times , until it returns to me. I will do the same with each Item that comes my way. This will help me with my project and will also help me with adding some funky Christmas fabric to my quilt whic I am hoping to start sometime in the near future. If you look at the side bar on my blog and see the 3SistersCyberQuilting Group button, that's where the Quilting Round Robin is happening.

The term round-robin is used in several contexts and usually means that a number of things are taking turns at something.

I am in lots of exchanges, Haloween exchange , 3 Christmas exchanges and one Granny Guy Squares exchange and one pot holder exchange. Thanks for stopping by and come back to see the makings of many more items for the Holidays, I also have a Mystery Crochet Along that will spook anyone . LOL

Monday, October 02, 2006

Double Layer Pumkin Cheescake

So the new Battlestar Galactica Season is at hand. I am so eager for it to start, I watch the heavens for signs of Cylons . If you have not checked www.scifi.com go and check it out their pre season webpisodes are very cool. I will be eating another piece of this anti-cylon cake. Sleeper agents shut down when they have a taste.

I am very busy with my MSN Group, exchanges and making Christmas Stockings. I am also making sewing some Pot Holders for a house warming gift. I will be posting more pictures later this week. Thanks for stopping by and may the Gods of Kobol have Mercy on our souls.

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