Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What's a Tombie, it is a ....

A Tombie is a tomatoe zombie and more than that a Psycho tomatoe.
At the mystery Crochet along every week a part of the pattern is disclosed. I take extreme care not to reveal parts of the pattern that let you know what youy are working on.

I try to choose patterns that can be made in worsted weight yarn. Sometimes I go around the internet and asked designers to join my group or to allow me to use their patterns for a Mystery Crochet Along, or MCAL as we called them. This are always fun in my opinion.

Where you might ask? Well very simple.
At http://groups.msn.com/crochetdepot we have been blessed as one of our designer members has allowed us to have a Mystery Crochet Pattern to share for October.

The designer is Regina Rioux Gonzalez from http://monstercrochet.com and you can also find her and her creations when you visit her blogsite at http://monstercrochet.blogspot.com

I finished the pattern and thought nothing of it. I put the tomatoe with other fruits and vegetables. As you can see the pineapple coarse core and her spikes protect her from the evil one eye monster. How could I have missed the fact that there were knives close by. I thought nothing of it, but I think I may have been wrong.

Here is proof from my hidden camera as the Tombie was looking all inocent , but in reality it was extending it's tentacles toward one of the knives . Did you see it blinking? Of course you may have missed the evil eye monster with his long lashes, perpetrating the hideous crime to the unsuspecting fruit. Which fruit do you think got attacked?

It was not too bad, IHere you see the unsuspecting Granny Apple being attacked, I could do
nothing to help her . Her destiny became clear as I saw a jar of peanut butter close by. Once it was cut up in pieces, it was chow time for me. That's right this tomatoe to save itself , it will sacrifice all other fruits and vegetables. He will serve them on a plate for you, just like that.

Now out of the drama I can tell you, that I have had such a great time following this pattern. The designer, Ladylinoleoum, as she is known in the artistic circles, is a superp designer who is also a
"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" artist and great friend. I know Regina through the Internet. Some day we shall have Hot Chocolate and Churros. Go and visit her site and see if you find a pattern or two that you may like to buy. I know I will do that before the month ends. Thank You Regina! You are loved con todo mi corazón.


Deneen said...

I adore Regina and hope to meet her someday too.

When I saw "thread" was involved with the mystery CAL, I shied away-sorry I did now.

Yours came out great Andy!

LadyLinoleum said...

Huge smoochies to you!

Your tombie is totally awesome! You know, little weapons are available on the internet. Yes, I do have a source. I know, too weird!

Love you, R

Anonymous said...

You are too funny, Andrito! Your tombie came out so great.

It's no wonder you're so good in role play, with your imagination.

Lady L is a terrific designer, it's true.

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