Monday, October 23, 2006

Some hats for the Fall of 2006

This hat is made with 100 % Merino Wool . The yarn is aurora 8 from Karabella Yarns. The texture of the wool is amazing. I did not know how great merino wool was. I was testing a patern for a fellow crocheter Deneen and my inspiration to make fall hats came from there.
Making men skull caps is one of my hobbies as Ilike to keep my head shaved, but protected from the elements LOL. So my skull caps where born, some made of cotton, some made of wool.

This particular Skull Cap is mainly made in double crochet all around. There are three part to the hat. The upper part is made in the variegated colored yarn, then the middle that has more green in it was made by alternating yarns every other dc . The the bottom as you see is made with the variegated yarn once more. It has three FPdc or (front post double crochet) rows .

I make Front Post dc in two ways it depends how I feel the look will affect the way the hat looks. One of the ways is to yarn over the hook and then decide if you are going to insert the hook in the main dc stitch or post, or at the top of the stitch above the post. Since the two areas of the dc (double crochet ) are actually separated, I found that you can make them differently if you wish. Using the lower part will give you a tighter stitch than using the top. I finished the hat with a reverse sc row.

A reverse sc? Well is a sc (single crochet) that you will be making from left to right. I really like this termination, because it actually gives you a sense that the item is finished in my opinion.

This is the second hat that I am making as I go using the same materials as above Merino Wool. I do not know how this hat will end . Definitely you will have the finished product showing here. There are so many posibilities for this hat. You can invert the color and shape and create a mosaic like hat. You can invert the triangle and finish it in diamond shapes with either a green or an orange triangle ,one or two colors edge, ar and edge that each stitch the color is being alternated. Well creativity is almost boundless. Too many ideas, let's finish one and show it to you. Thanks for stopping by.


Deneen said...

What wonderful fall colors you've chosen!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors also and I think that is pretty unique on how you switched colors.

LadyLinoleum said...

I like the fpdc look. Very nice touch. You are making hats, me shawls. Although, I made a few new hats that I've not shown yet. Maybe I'll make more. You've inspired me.

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