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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Socks come in pairs, Oct 06

I have been very interested in making socks, just for the fact that it is something nice to make , specially if you make them as a gift.

Not long ago, I did my forst attempt at kniting socks, but besides being interesting, kniting socks is not for me, Even though there is a cricular needle technique that I may try some day, but definitely not this year. I bought this yarn at a garage sale. It is alpaca wool. Lots and lots of yarn for little money!

I think this is an idea that all of us like to pursue, free yarn or almost free yarn. I may make a knitted or crochet scarf with this yarn I will decide before the weekend is over. I am also planning to make a hat with it. Lots of good use for wool, specially alpaca wool.

Here comes the beginning of the turning of the heel in another color. I think it is a cute combination. This has been a great experience for me as I see myself growing in my craft. Once I got done making a big Christmas Stocking, I decided it was time to give a smaller size stocking a try and I am still working on making a sock, At this step you see the tube is already done. Making the big object allowed me to understand the steps in making a sock, the parts of a sock and the intrinsic stitches that makes a sock a unique garment.

I used LINDALPACA Peruvian alpaca wool 50gr skeins and the other yarn is Reynolds Angelina 40 gr 13%Mohair , 87% acryl. I think it means acrylic. This Angelina yarn is made in Switzerland so I am sure it is expensive LOL. Maybe not. Thanks for stopping by and remember there is another sock to be made after this one. LOL.

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Deneen said...

I never made socks any way but toe up-is this a pattern or are you winging it? I like the different colors like that-