Sunday, October 29, 2006

Socks Oct 06 Collage

This is my latest project to make socks. I have been trying to make socks for a long time, but as I said before, kniting socks is not really my forté. One of the most essential parts of assembling your materials for the socks is the yarn. What kind of yarn will you use. Which colors? Do you want natural, or do you want some of it to be part synthetic . Remember it will be on your feet. LOL.

Here is the legend to my collage, enjoy!

1 LINDALPACA is 100% alpaca wool, but the Angelina Yarn (light Color) is 85 acrylic. Time will tell if I made the right choice.

2. You can see the ribbed tube of the sock being made.

3. You can see that my hand fits easily without being too tight, when finished.

4. You can see the heel starting to be made.

5. and 6. The sock completed.

7. Modeling the sock.

The socks are not hard to make. This is actually one of the easiest pattern that I found in the internet. The yarn is very thin so I used double strands. I will say that If you have never tried to make socks you should try a Christmas Stocking first, then you will see all the steps in BIG , so that you can follow, improvise et cetera when you do a smaller version. Still you want to make a regular pair of socks, then give this pattern a try. I enjoeyed making this sock and look forward to make more in the future. I love trying new things and evolve in my craft.

I got the pattern from

Thanks for stopping by. Come back later on. I am working on a Winter Hat, Scarf Combo for that transition between fall and winter. It can be quite cold here in Northern California.


naomi said...

Great job Andy ! I really like the socks.

Deneen said...

You go Andy! They look like the perfect fit also. I have been in such a crochet rut lately-seeing your stuff has inspired me.

LadyLinoleum said...

I love you Andy...anyone with a sock legend is A-number-one in my book!

Anonymous said...

The pattern u got the sock from sues crochet & knitting site needs a correction in one of the RND's...I have no other way of contacting her & she has u as a reference to the sock...plz e-mail if u would like it... I didn't want to post it as a comment...if u would like that let me know...thanks... :o)

joan said...

I think it is great for a man to crochet and socks no less.
I have been searching for a SIMPLE sock pattern as i am a beginner wanting to crochet socks (only because I think crocheting socks would be easier than knitting socks) and for a first project of socks I dont want to be discouraged.
I have a son I wish would get into this crochet thing - he is 3l would give him something to do with his life and relax him.
I do it for relaxation ..........I have BIG SIZE men to crochet for and would like to see patterns for them that are SIMPLE SIMPLE AND SIMPLE.
   My 3l year old takes a size l5 shoe -- there are no patterns out there for him -- could you make patterns for big men ?  I would love a big man's easy easy crocheted pullover to do for my sons -- 6 x -- and there is none available.              I have not yet to make a hat and that is on my list too --

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