Winter 2006 Hat #1

Here is one of my Winter Hats. It will be accompanied by a scarf that I am working on. It is a combination of 5 kinds of yarn. It has regular Red Heart, Paton's Divine, Lionbrand Mohair, and two wool blends. The texture is amazing, the pattern is made as I work on it. One of the secrets of making this kind of pattern is to decide the number of stitches between your points in the graphic. I actually did not know what it was going to look like until I was past the beginning of the black triangles.

The band around the head was made inspirationally as I was crocheting. Tto make it very unique and one of a kind. I am working on the Scarf, I will be done sometime soon, but no promises , LOL, that it will be done by the week's end. Thanks for stopping by.


Deneen said…
Wow-that one came out amazing also. I like the graph hats you have been creating.
Unknown said…
How awesome is that hat??? I'm with Deneen. Amazing!

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