Happy Halloween From Vampira

I had a smelly package that arrived at my gates, It smelled good and of spices of fall. There where fabrics with spiders and monsters and such,so wonderfully scaryy is all! There were yarns and chocolates and a pattern to match, scary stickers and a headless ghost, well not so headless. A hideouos tie a washcloth and soap, maybe I need a bath after all that chocolate. The coasters were delicious, was I not suppose to eat them? AH! the Yarn made from the scalp of Aliens. Mixed knuckles in a can for the snack creature I have. MWAHAHAHA

Fangs to Vampira My exchange Partner


Anonymous said…
AHA! I recognize your tablecloth from when I worked at Stroud's Linens.

I'm glad you liked everything as much as I liked all the amazing things you sent me. It was so much fun choosing and stuffing things into the box.

I hope The Snack Creature liked his knuckles, and NO, you weren't supposed to eat the coasters, but hey, I suppose they could be considered fiber.

Anonymous said…
By the way, my parents' Snack Creature snacked on my potpourri this morning. You might want to watch yours.


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