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Thursday, October 05, 2006

My first actual charm

Here it is my first Charm. The items before you are the ergonomic cutter, the self healing mat and a square ruler. You will notice a pair of scissors and the 5.5 " Charm is in the middle.

I have been sewing since I was around 10 years of age. It was a fascinating machine to me then. It is a great machine to master. I will say that cutting fabric with this ergonomic cutter is a breeze. I was given warnings and hints on how to cut with this cutter, so that I will still have my fingers intact at the end of the cutting. You can cut 6 or more layers of fabric with this cutters without much excitement. That my friends is a sharp blade in my book.

I am in a Round Robin of sorts where I send a charm and my charm is complemented by adding a FAT (A FAT is a piece of fabric 18" by 22") to it three times , until it returns to me. I will do the same with each Item that comes my way. This will help me with my project and will also help me with adding some funky Christmas fabric to my quilt whic I am hoping to start sometime in the near future. If you look at the side bar on my blog and see the 3SistersCyberQuilting Group button, that's where the Quilting Round Robin is happening.

The term round-robin is used in several contexts and usually means that a number of things are taking turns at something.

I am in lots of exchanges, Haloween exchange , 3 Christmas exchanges and one Granny Guy Squares exchange and one pot holder exchange. Thanks for stopping by and come back to see the makings of many more items for the Holidays, I also have a Mystery Crochet Along that will spook anyone . LOL

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