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The Seven sisters of Rekhanta Province

Personal Log Stardate 05312006:

We have been classifying all these new star systems. The Midas array in which the Hubble Telescope resides, has been looking at the Bajoran Sytem classifying. Here we have seven bright stars within a two parsec area that are part of Bajor's Folklor. They are called the Seven Sisters.

I remember yaya told me that this couple had 7 daughters that they offered n the service of the prophets if they will only get a son. There are tales of these women going throuhg the land and performing miracles , healing the blind, feeding the hungry. I wish things like will happen today, maybe they do, who know?

I often wonder why people always have stories about things. It is interesting the way my yaya use to tell me stories when I was a kid. I remember when we were by the Utirise River she will say that long time ago, when she was a young girl, her cousins and her came down to the river to wash some fabric. She had forgotten something so she went back to the village f…

Dishcloths in Green May 06

This is my set of green dishcloths. There will be more, but this set is a posibility for the exchange that I am involved in at Crochet Depot Group.

When I make the dishcloths I always make them with the idea that if people do not want to use them for the kitchen, they can always use them for washcloths.

I have been working on purples and yellows, and purples and white. This is where I have come to enjoy using the stitches I am learning in the 63 Easy to Make Crochet Squares on the Crochet-Along at

We have both Exchanges and Crochet-Alongs. Our Granny Guy Square Exchange is in memory of J. Scott Hooper Jr. where Two squares get sent to your partner and Two squares to our designated Charity Coordinator Drew
He coordinates for Hearmade Blessings Charity. which you can visit by clicking on the previous link.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

Life after Death, Beyond Orion's Belt

Personal log entry:

Today I went to see Dax around 1500 hours today. We had a very interesting talk about my life and my relationships. By the way Dax, Ezri Dax is the Station's counselor.

When she was Jadzia Dax , we had a good relationship, but not as close as the one I am developing with Ezri. From the point of view of the counselor it seems that my clarity of perception about my whole life is changing. Things take a different venue when you are not enjoying yourself. I never trusted counselors until now, it is hard to trust people you don't know. Eventually you learn that you need to trust yourself; that will guide you to trust others.

I guess the most important part for me is to understand where, why and how of my emotions. As it stands now, I don't want to waste any time in my life with unfinished business. I want to be direct and upfront with the enjoyment of my personal and professional life. My therapy is going according to standards and within the parameters of Star…

Lemon N Melon Wedges May 06 Pot Holders

I have been working on pot holders as all of you have seen. Here are some of my creations at this time. Below is the other creation of a watermelon wedge as I call it. These are very nice Pot holders, personal inspiration. I am planning to make an Apple and maybe a banana bunch. I will have to work on the pattern first.

I have notice that it is difficult to trace your steps, once you are done with the pattern. I will have a Bumble Bee pattern soon. I got the white yarn from a garage sale, and I will tell you it has been the best yarn for hotpads and dishcloths that I have ever bought. It's a loopy 100% cotton yarn.

I want to thank you for stopping by and come back again, I have dishcloths that I am working on that are beautiful. May you live long and prosper!

Bumble Bee Pot Holder May 06

This is my bumble bee design. When you have black it is very hard to do something with it. Most people do not like black yarn for some reason. It does not matter to me. I created the bumble pattern.

It took me less than five hours to make. I think the hardest part was trying to decided the combination sequence. It has a stinger, 6 legs, some with pollen, and as you will notice a pair of wings.

Yoy may ask your self why a pair of wings. Well in the next photo you will see , that when you grab a lid with this potholde your thumb goes into one wing and the rest of your hand in the other. It is ambidiestrous in it's approach, you caqn use either hand.

To tell you the truth I get my inspiration from my crochet friends, they have plenty of inspiration. . I sometimes ask my friends to pick which pot holders they want from what I have made. Specially when I make unusual pot holders. I am creating at this moment a sort of fruit pot holder series.

I was amazed at how much yarn I got from the sk…

Strawberries N Cherries Pot Holders May 06

As much as I like acrylic and I find it's qualities enduring, I needed to buy some cotton yarn. Discloths, Wascloths need to be made in natural fabrics. Pot Holders depends on the idea I usually make them with a blend as well for it is easier to clean them up.
Here I am getting myself motivated and inspired by Ladylinoleoum, from

Batting Down The Hatches!

Computer Start Recordimg

Stardate 05202006.2250

Lt. Ydan as science office commenting.

For some unspoken reason Ion Storms do not get a name, while storms on the surface like huracanes get a name.

In a solar system, the composition of the solar wind is identical to the Sun's corona: 73% ionized hydrogen and 25% ionized helium with the remainder as trace impurities. These components are present as a plasma, consisting of about 95% singly ionized hydrogen, 4% doubly ionized helium, and less than 0.5% other ions (often called minor ions). The storms may take longer it will depend on the stregth of the solar winds.

The Commander has ordered everyone to condition Blue, which in a station is suppose to deal with phenomena like this. Needless there is always danger, a storm is a storm wether ionic or atmospheric. We are all in some kind of battle readiness, but dealing with a storm as well.

Comunications will be down for a day or so, we will have a standard class A beacon on stand by, just in …

Mystery Pattern May 06 Flowers

This Flowers are the most intrinsicate part of this pattern and the most fun part of it. It is not easy to add them to it. This is the first time that I add flowers to a pattern like this one and it is a learning experience. This pattern did not called for a colored edging , yet I decided it will be a nice touch to make the edging the shade of one of the flowers. There are at least 40 more flower to attach to it, so by no means done. I believe the weekend will find me with thread and needles.

I like the fact that after all the years of crocheting I still find things that are new to me. Thanks for allowing me to share my craft and for stopping by.

Mystery Pattern Square 2006 Unveiled

This is the Mystery Pattern that I was working on. I thought putting it on a dark backgroud would enhance the view of the pattern . I decided to finish the last two rows of the pattern with thread of the same color of the flowers that will be added on later. Is a 21 " square and it is considered a doily. I will have more pictures before the weekend to share.

Thanks for stopping by and allow me to share my craft.

I wonder if you wonder!

This is the Promenade of Deep Space Nine. It is easy to spend time looking down and ... I wonder if you wonder. I wonder if that officer looking up at me knows what goes through my head as I am standing here. I sometimes make stories about people. Or are those stories real? For example those two to the right of the officer looking up at me. To the naked eye they are two people walking past each other, but not to me. They are secret lovers, passsing each other in their way to meet, but encountering an unexpected variable, they have to ignore each other. Maybe next time!

Or the Bajoran Vedek that just went into the shrine, whose life has been tormented by the thoughts of torture to which he was submitted to during the occupation or by the thoughts of hatred that harbor in his heart when he sees any Cardassian. Or the new Lieutenant, who got reassigned in hopes of advancing his career in Starfleet. His life is going to slow for him. So as you see, you can see everyone's life from this…

Crochetting Second Week of May 2006

Hello. It looks like I have been missing in action, but on the contrary I have been busier than ever. I have been working on the Fuschia Afghan, or Bajoran Meditation Afghan as I call it. I have been reading "Entering Tenebrea" by Roxann Dawson and Daniel Graham.

I am also working on two versions of a Mystery Crochet Pattern at Crochet Depot, an MSN group, one has a hook size of 7, with crochet thread #10, the other is being done with crochet hook H and worsted weight yarn. In this picture you can see how the pattern with two different gauges of yarn and hooks at THE SAMERound, is a lot different in size.

I am also working on the 63Easy to Crochet Patterns stitches and more at the msn group on this link.

from my MSN group

Ktarian eggs and bacon

Personal Log entry:

Stardare 05072006

Computer start recording;

Ktarian eggs, my favorites, are highly sought after as a breakfast dish. If you wonder how did I get them I could say that I have my secret supplier, but in all reality Quark can get you anything for Latinum. Today my energy levels are not that even, a little down with pain lurking around the corner.

Many years ago while travelling I got infected with some kind of virus that eats at your immune system. There is no cure, can you believe that. The actual virus does not kill you, but destroys your immune system and therefore diseases you will not normally be affected by take advantage.

It's a crazy virus it seems to cross species of humanoids without much thought. Taking about crazy and species, one of my love interestes has come back into my life. Norjahn has reappeared in my life, we met long ago and we had a very supportive friendship. We never went steady, but we were there as friends for each other. The universe is such …

Mystery Crochet Along First View

I have a mystery Crochet Along at . I will be challenging the group every month with some kind of mystery pattern. Some of them will be small, some of them will be big. Some of them may be done in small gauge or large gauge.

This is part of what is coming out. People may think they know what it is, but I can asure you that they will be thrown off by my shrewdness in hiding the real pattern, lol. Next month Mystery Crochet pattern may be kitchen stuff, or bathroom stuff. No matter what it will be, is going to be fun.

Later on I will share some of my crochet magazines in Spanish with you. It is interesting, the approach to crochet has a different flavor. Well than you for stopping by and come back again.

Rigelian Chocolates Please!!!

Personal Log entry:

What a treat of such rich flavor. Can you believe that I got a box of Rigelian Chocolates and what a treat they are. They are so rich and creamy and an experience that you will never forget.

A Klingon admirer, from the house of ..., well I am not letting his name escape, at least not right now. So he drops them by ops this afternoon. Of course I had to share them with Kyra Nerys, this are her favorites as well. Dax does not care much for sweets, so she did not join us for the afternoon break. Sometimes ops is so slow that we can have everyone on break without any consequences. Of course we don't do that. LOL.

It is amazing how the years go by and how we change. You know at one time I did not think that anyone could improve on Terran Chocolate, but once you have Rigelian Chocolates your definition of the perfect chocolate changes. This chocolates will definitely change your idea of pleasure and with a Raktajino yummmmy!

Tomorrow I may have to drop by the JAG office …