Lemon N Melon Wedges May 06 Pot Holders

I have been working on pot holders as all of you have seen. Here are some of my creations at this time. Below is the other creation of a watermelon wedge as I call it. These are very nice Pot holders, personal inspiration. I am planning to make an Apple and maybe a banana bunch. I will have to work on the pattern first.

I have notice that it is difficult to trace your steps, once you are done with the pattern. I will have a Bumble Bee pattern soon. I got the white yarn from a garage sale, and I will tell you it has been the best yarn for hotpads and dishcloths that I have ever bought. It's a loopy 100% cotton yarn.

I want to thank you for stopping by and come back again, I have dishcloths that I am working on that are beautiful. May you live long and prosper!


Unknown said…
Put some eyeballs on 'em! LOL

I love these Andy!!!!

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